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   After throwing away most of the clothes before, one day I suddenly didn't like them. I felt uncomfortable all over. I looked at them and felt that they were obstacles in the way. I threw them away decisively and felt relaxed physically and mentally..

   Such abandonment has nothing to do with madness and luxury. Such abandonment will surely find another outlet to comfort oneself..

   In the 29 years of my life, I don't know what kind of clothes and costumes are suitable for me, and I won't spend too much time looking for them. I feel useless, see how others look good, or have different opinions. I'm not a person who doesn't like beauty, but I'm extremely poor in the aesthetic world of inside..

   Dressed in clothes that everyone said were not bad, playing popular games, changing the shape of my head, and strolling through the colorful streets and lanes in the daytime and the colorful streets and lanes at night, I felt that I was following the fashion closely and had not derailed from the society .

   But are these what I really like? I am afraid it is not!

   What do I like?

   When I was extremely busy and even exhausted, I opened a book casually and immediately felt that I had got sufficient rest, physical rest and spiritual baptism.. This kind of double enjoyment is something I have never felt before. Gradually, I deliberately learned to take time off from busy inside and read a few articles when I was free.. Suddenly one day I seemed to notice my own change. I put my time on reading and enjoyed it.. Such a change also gave me a full scare, because there was no advance notice and it was naturally imperceptible..

   Feel comfortable, naturally there is no need to reject, I began to buy books, clothes money was taken up, I began to read, unconstrained thinking was terminated, although the day is not so thrilling and colorful, but unprecedented like and full.

   With the beginning of this change, I gradually found that I began to dislike some things in my family, especially clothes and those gaudy, so-called fashion-seeking products. After a long period of struggle, I resolutely abandoned them..

   At that time, I felt a little distressed when I abandoned it, mostly because I had spent my hard earned money. However, the relaxation after discarding made me feel that I had nothing to miss..

   I have lost colored curly hair, kept comfortable and straight long hair, abandoned high heels that I love and hate, and changed into comfortable flat shoes.. Those slim-fitting clothes that used to think highly of their body shape also said good-bye decisively, because I no longer hope to earn rate of second glance through such clothes. Those comfortable, clean and simple clothes are the most suitable for me..

   Life was originally very simple, but living it was complicated. If you go back to simplicity, many people would not be willing to part with it, but I was a different person.. After abandoning these, I am extremely happy and comfortable every day..

   I like the warmth of a book and the peace and harmony brought by a simple piece of clothing. I hope I can really turn reading into a normal life like eating and sleeping. Once I dive into life, I will definitely not be able to change it or need to change it.. When I first saw the sentence "I have poetry and calligraphy in my stomach, I simply understood that the woman who has read the book must be very dazzling and gorgeous and admired by all people, and the person who reads the most must be the one who shines most brightly in the 澳利国际 crowd.. But now it seems that my mistake is so outrageous.

   A woman, a woman who loves reading, will certainly not become the focus because she is mostly quiet. A woman who loves reading will naturally not be respected by everyone because of dazzling. Because she won't have such a strong aura, a woman who loves reading, beautiful won't be so dazzling, quiet won't be so dull, noisy and won't be so noisy..

   The woman who loves reading does not give people a good impression, which is probably the simple word "comfortable". To me, these two words are the greatest praise in my life..

   I hope books will continue to bring me changes. I hope I can always be a woman who loves reading..

   Author: Chen Yun





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