Sophora japonica in the wall, The Wall fragrance outside

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   If it weren't for the smell of Sophora japonica, I really don't know this time is Sophora japonica compose full branches.

   When I looked up to look for it, I found that there was no shadow of Sophora japonica I was looking for.. In the heart is very surprised. Maybe there is something wrong with my sense of smell.. How else can you smell the fragrance of Sophora japonica?

   After walking for a long time in the courtyard of inside, I saw it once again in the street. When I returned to the small courtyard, I suddenly found that a locust tree was being planted in the wall of the courtyard next door. At this time, it was full of flowers.. The white trees are becoming more and more golden and bright under the sunshine..

   In fact, after living in the small courtyard for so long, I really didn't know my neighbor had planted such a tall locust tree.. If people knew, they would laugh at my ignorance..

   After searching for it today, I remembered an ancient saying: TA The Choice is a thousand times better than her, but when you look back, that person is in Around The Bend.. It turned out that many beautiful things were beside me, but I ignored them and didn't take them to heart.. Therefore, I will miss a lot of beautiful things eventually..

   If I hadn't smelled the flowers from my neighbor today, I would have missed another flowering season.. Want to come also really should be glad. I really want to thank my neighbor.

   When I looked up at the pagoda tree in the wall next door, I found that the top of the pagoda tree had touched the east wall of my house. It turned out that she had been so close to me, but I didn't pay attention to it. I didn't see wisps of fragrance seeping into my yard long ago..

   In the evening, I came out again. somehow, the flower of that tree became the beauty that my heart yearned for.. At first glance, I looked in the direction of the east wall..

   There, the sunset dyed red every petal, even reflected in Shadow on the Wall is rose red. There was a moment of trance: I think this Sophora japonica has turned red, and it is also very dazzling red.. A faint breeze swept through my ears, and a sweet and elegant fragrance came from my breath..

   Closed my eyes, I lost in the aroma of inside.

   It suddenly occurred to me that last year was also this time of year.. But it was a moonlit night, and the sky outside was clear, and my heart leaped with joy in time..

   After dinner, I walked out the door and strolled along the street..

   I often walk this street.. So at this time also didn't think there is anything strange. Just like if have no have a look around. Suddenly my eyes were attracted by the trees on both sides of the road.. And the tree is already full of Sophora 澳利国际 japonica. At this time, I really found that the road I had been walking on had planted such neat locust trees..

   I couldn't help laughing..

   Then I looked up at the lonely street. In the bright moonlight, Sophora japonica was full of branches..

   Before I knew it, I quickened my pace, strolled under the locust tree and began to quietly appreciate her beauty at this time.. In the dark night of inside, the small flowers were shining faintly yellow.. At the foot of the foot also fell some Sophora japonica, is also indifferent yellow.

   A touch of moonlight shone on my face and it was a little cold, but the faint scent still warmed my heart..

   The street lamp beside the tree also gave a faint yellow light.. Somehow? All of a sudden, I wonder: Is Sophora japonica white or yellow?? Because in my eyes at that time, inside was full of faint yellow flowers, which made me really confused..

   So, that night, I fell asleep in a daze, dreaming of inside or the fragrance of yellow sophora flower .

   I once wanted to take a look at the appearance of Sophora japonica the next day, but I always appreciated a bit of Bai Yueguang and missed the good sunshine.. However, I have not forgotten the sweet smell of that wipe, and it has always been an unforgettable thought in my heart..

   Until today, when I found the sophora flower next door, I was really touched. it turned out that the sophora flower had white clothes, and the moonlight had put a layer of light yellow makeup on the sophora flower.. But no matter how her fragrance will never be hidden, even if planted in the wall, outside The Wall will smell sweet fragrance .

   Just like my neighbor, his Sophora japonica climbed up to my The Wall, making me smell the sweet flowers .

   (Wen/Wu Xinfang)





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