After the prosperous ending, I am still confused.

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   What is love and who cares about me? A person in this familiar and unfamiliar city of inside is constantly deducing the legend of joys and sorrows.. I have long been used to drifting, to being alone in a quiet corner in the dark, to looking at the night sky of Dimming Spark, to looking forward to the appearance after daybreak, and to lighting up hope Flying dreams. Although the remaining images in my mind are playing in a circle every day, my life has never changed because of "change" as before.. Too much love and hate struggle, too much bewilderment, in the end to their own, but in addition to loneliness or loneliness.

   Making up the reason of not sleeping, wandering in the dream and waking acacia ferry, thinking about some people and things, want to have something to do with these people and things or have nothing to do with yourself.

   Perhaps, the road at the foot of the foot is complicated and tortuous, and I don't know how to come and go. When I started a weary journey in my life, I turned around and found out that it was just a past.. Time is like a song. I don't know how many songs can be sung to "start from scratch". The so-called "days" will continue after all, no matter the end or the beginning.. Some insisted that it was a wise choice, while some insisted that it became a laughingstock and behaved foolishly. As a result, people's disputes over happiness kept on rising and became topics that would never be out..

   No mood to ponder others' happiness or not, oneself? Think about it is also very tangled. When I was a teenager, I naively thought that love should be a very long, very long thing. When I mentioned the word "love", many beautiful words would appear in my mind instantly.. In the world of mortals, it is time that can't stand polishing most. Under the accumulated precipitation, words like this finally drifted away from my sight and became not worth a farthing.. Some people's love chapters are beautiful, full of mountains and rivers, and full of rhetoric, but I seldom write them for one reason-I don't like flashy things..

   If there really is reincarnation, I don't care about the past or the next life, only the present me. Although loneliness, although I don't know the root of loneliness is because I insisted on giving up at the beginning, happiness is still essential, even if it is only for self-entertainment.. 澳利国际 Perhaps, loneliness itself is a kind of happiness.

   Every day I overdraw my precious sleep and don't give myself any free time. Some people say that I want to keep the time. On the contrary, I want to let the time slip away from me as soon as possible, the sooner the better.. Don't want to face some people and things how to do, escape is the only way, including the so-called feelings. Even so, when the lights are on at the beginning and the night falls, the undead cranial nerves will still quietly haunt and make people unable to control themselves, so intermittent thinking restarts the program..

   Wine can make people forget the troubles in the world and dispel some emptiness and loneliness in their hearts.. After returning late at night and getting drunk, I still haven't woken up by holding the tassel in my hand.. When you are intoxicated with alcohol and musk deer, you are shocked to sleep and trust. How can you live a long laugh?. Borrow slightly drunk hazy, want to write full of sadness, but I don't know when merry and lively dream, wake up and rub sleepy eyes outside the window has been bright day, is it not?

   Vaguely feel deep inside that extreme desire, desire and refused, what makes you so confused, the most appropriate is two words-confused.

   (Original Author: Pang Tong)





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