Solitude and Affection

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   My understanding with teacher Yu outline is quite dramatic. it was eight years ago, I went to listen to his speech. the activity was organized by teacher Ji mangui. it was held in the Chinese drama appreciation Committee. the place was small, and there were few people present at the meeting. after listening to it, everyone dropped out..

   But for me, it was a completely different night, and no matter how late it was, I went to the stage to find him. I even saved myself from introducing myself and stayed in Mr. Li's shabby chair to continue to ask him for advice..

   Mr. Yu is a person who has no idea of time when talking. The later we talk, the later he suddenly asked 1:

   "What school are you in?"


   "There is a man in Soochow," he said excitedly, "you go talk to her. Her name is Chang Show-foong."

   I was shocked. It turned out that Miss Yu knew me and valued me. People of this age would also pay attention to contemporary literature. My mood at that time was so excited that I was about to burst into flames. It's a pity that I am not the kind of person who hides deeply. I couldn't help telling him immediately that I am Chang Show-foong..

   Then he told me that his favorite collection of my essays, The End of the Carpet, was deeply impressed by the feminine beauty of Chinese literature. In fact, I was very ashamed to speak of my early works. Because of my youth and shallowness, I wrote many good things very badly. However, being unintentionally praised by Miss Yu under such circumstances, I was still secretly overjoyed.. Then talked about some words, he suddenly said:

   "Bai Xianyong do you know?"

   "Know. "At that time, he just asked me to publish a book in his morning bell publishing house..

   "There is a slight mistake in his" Dream in the Garden "inside," he said seriously. "Blowing a tune is not equal to Kunqu Opera. Tell him to change it next time."

   I was really surprised by his delicacy..

   Later, like other young people, I went through the business department of Yitai Travel Service and started chatting with inside, his office..

   The "office" is located in the front street of the museum. who knows when Mr. Yu will do the "business". in short, the office belongs to yi tai travel agency. it is the classroom of drama research institute, and sometimes it seems to be the rabbit fee conference hall where the national drama Committee is revitalized. sometimes it is the consulting room of a magazine. in short, the impression is that the room is full of people. some people come late, and then move a chair outside to squeeze themselves in. some people go ahead when they have something to do. back and forth, it seems like there is a running water table. anyway, anyone can do academic or artistic work here..

   Perhaps it is due to my self-entry. although I have benefited a lot from this kind of face-to-face and 安信娱乐 telephone chat many times, I do not agree with Mr. Yu that he refuses to accept anyone who comes all day and night.. I stubbornly believe that without leaving any words, everything else is untrustworthy. Even if one is a direct disciple, there will inevitably be inaccuracies in retelling one's own words. This is not easy to say directly, and I can only urge the teacher indirectly..

   "Teacher, your Peking opera script should take some time to sort out and publish."

   "I think so too! "He sighed helplessly." Every time I think about publishing, I feel that there are shortcomings everywhere, and I almost want to write it all over again-but, in my heart, I can't help thinking, alas, since it takes so much effort, why not just write a new one . "

   "Well, then write a new one!"

   "But, think about the old has not been repaired, why get new again?"

   Alas, this is really a terrible cycle. I often think that the world's first-class talents often have nothing to write down due to their eagerness for perfection, and those who stick to the pen are mostly second-rate or lower roles..

   After the teacher died, I couldn't help feeling a little angry. Some random publishers in the world are "Bethany". However, they cherish ink as much as gold. However, their failure to write is almost "cruel" to the younger generation. There are still ways to deal with the history of "Bethany". Soon, their ink pollution will become a thing of the past. However, those who do not write frequently have no choice but to deal with their history.. It is a "Drama Talk" that was written with the editor's half-urging and half-urging mood to write essays instead, which is regarded as the unfortunate Zhouxin Lian..

   One day, when she became indifferent to Mr. Wei Suqiu, she held the same view as I did. She said, "Alas, some friends in Obit die with full knowledge every day-it's a pity."."

   When the teacher was alive, although I had a deep understanding with him, there were also many times when the teacher insisted on his view and I insisted on mine.. If the teacher is resurrected today, the first thing I am anxious to argue with him is to insist that he should write at least two books, one on drama theory, and the other should include at least ten Peking opera plays. He should not only be a teacher of our generation, he should be a teacher of many generations of young people in the future . (责任编辑:admin)




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