After many years, if you haven't married me yet, can we be t

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   After many years, if you haven't married me yet, can we be together?

   When the wind blows, kindness is deep-rooted, and after the rain has stopped, everyone is safe at the end of the world..

   When I woke up at the beginning of the middle of the night, the orange soft glow stained my slightly wet eyelids. I clung to the glorious feast, but it was hard to resist the turbulent and merciless fleeting time, the fading sea and the changing mulberry fields. Do you know that in this strange world, there is a man holding memories and the sweet hurt in his heart. In the long river of time, inside degenerated, precipitated and waited .

   Even if the flowers have already bloomed, even if you miss the sea, even if you have gone away, in a future I can't touch, the love is deep or the opposite side of love, there will always be my love, tepid, arrogant and impetuous, the longest confession..

   You come like sunrise, colorful, you go like sunset, and you also see Fang fei everywhere. I stop and wander in the same place, wandering around, just waiting for the candle, warming the way back under your feet, just to engrave that beautiful shadow and accompany me on my lonely journey alone.. Meeting is a pious bet. How much pain do you have when you leave? Is it you who gave all or I who lost all that this fated ending?

   Turn around and look back. What happened to the clouds and smoke? All the past grievances and grudges have disappeared. If there is an afterlife, I will still be willing to cut through all the difficulties and care for you..

   I would like to compare wings, white hair and red coat, and I would like to tie the knot and meet after dusk..

   As long as you are still there, as long as you are willing to come, I can resist the surging sea and fire from the outside world, but I am afraid of watching you stand idly by after your back is turned away. The more I care, the more I expect, the more I chase, the more I suffer. I would rather embarrass myself than wronged you..

   The world of mortals is full of frustrations and companionship.. A thrilling old song, a touching old movie, a memorable past, a lifelong lover, will not be buried in the long river of time, but will only extend to the body's limbs and bones, fingertips and tails, melt into blood vessels, rot bones and lose heart with the light wheel of time..

   How many times, In My Sleep has lost his face, how many times, drunk eyes hazy has cape horizon, how many times, persistent together but doomed to let go, how many times, happy to meet but already care for speechless .

   I am here, quiet existence, silently waiting, if one day, you wear tired, then, please let me accept your vicissitudes of life, calm your soul, cherish your feelings, have you countless everlasting. If one day you are full of glory, then please allow me to continue to love you in silence, without many thanks for your hospitality, without interruption, without telling you those in days of old that I have been longing for..

   Hello, I am good.

   How I hope you can be happy, although this happiness is not necessarily what I give you. How much I hope you can be happy, although happiness doesn't have to be around me..

   Spring breeze, summer rain, autumn dew, winter snow, time alternation, time infection, full of acacia told you, once you open your mouth, it's just a good way to say, less persistent, poor 3,000 troubles to endure alone, afraid of you after all, sad memory, today and yesterday have become common practice, sobbing the city also blew cold my dream.

   Clearly know memories bitter, why let you fee acacia.

   Perhaps, in this youthful love, inside missed her due to her young management. 安信娱乐 During her lifetime, she felt a dull pain..

   Perhaps, when we meet at the wrong time, we can only regret to leave at the end. In our lifetime, the wine offering will be strong..

   Perhaps, after falling in love and staying together, there will be no alternative but to leave the scene peacefully. In my lifetime, the mountain will be high and heavy..

   Maybe, many years later, you haven't married, maybe, many years later, I haven't married, maybe elegance is no longer, but the years are still quiet and good..

   Maybe .





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