Memories of Mr. Chen yinque (2)

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   I spent ten years in G?ttingen during World War II, which was the most painful in my life, but the academic harvest was the richest one.. The country is invaded by foreign invaders, the number of people in the family has not been known for years, planes have bombed on board and there is no food to feed on.. However, reading has no interference. Professors and students are often recruited into the army.. I am in charge of two large institutes: the Indian Institute of Studies and the Institute of Sinology. Tens of thousands of precious books in Plug rack, let me read. In the deep courtyard of the Sinology Institute, inside, in the tall, shady and heavy stacks; There is no one in the ancient research office of the Vatican Institute.. The hum of the plane in the sky corresponds to the hunger in my stomach.. Close one's eyes and one's mind will wander. one can see my country and my home.. Zhang Muze and the Vatican are at the front. There are many difficult problems that need my reply.. At this time, I feel as if I have left the world independent and bitter.? Happy? I can't answer myself..

   After the purgatory of bombing and hunger, in 1945, ten years after I came to G?ttingen, I finally hoped for light and the collapse of East and West fascists.. U.S. soldiers captured G?ttingen first, then the British took over.. At this time, I learned that Mr. yin ke was treating eye diseases in England. I hurriedly wrote a long letter, reporting to him the situation of my study in the past ten years, and posted some papers published in the G?ttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities Journal and other publications.. To my surprise, I received a reply from my husband, which was also a long letter, telling me about his recent situation and saying that he would return to China soon.. The most important thing in the letter was that he wanted to introduce me to Peking University President Hu Shi, Acting President Fu Ssu-nien and Literature Dean Tang Yongtong.. I'm really overjoyed. Who wouldn't be proud to hear that I can teach at the highest institution of learning?? I immediately wrote back to express my agreement and thanks.. In the late autumn of this year, I finally bid farewell to G?ttingen, which had lived for 10 years. With the feeling of "returning to my hometown as a guest tree", I went back to Switzerland step by step and three by three.. After living in inside, a world park in green hills and clear waters, for several months, he returned to Shanghai in the spring of 1946 through Saigon in France and Vietnam and Hong Kong.. He lived on the tatami of the family for a period of time.. From Shanghai to Nanjing, I slept on Nagasaki's desk again.. By this time, Mr yin ke had also returned to Nanjing from England.. I was Mr. call on's official residence in Yu Dawei. After talking about the detailed situation in the past ten years or more, Mr. Wang was very happy and told me to visit Mr. Fu Ssu-nien, acting president of Peking University, at the Lower Central Research Institute in Jiming Temple. He specifically told me to bring my paper written in German. This shows that Mr. Wang loves me deeply and cares deeply for me.. (责任编辑:admin)




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