Finally said the secret love

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   When you see this letter, we have already missed each other. When you see this letter, we have already forgotten each other. When you see this letter, we have no chance with each other .

   Forgive me, I can't say "like" and "love" to you until now.. It's not that I don't love you, it's that love is no longer sustainable.. In your mind, I should be a "good friend" who can ignore gender. We just have fun.

   Today, my confession must have surprised you! I remember you always said, I have secrets from you. Now, I finally told you.

   A long time ago, my friends looked at both of us and stubbornly stuck to their positions.. From junior high school to junior high school, from The Boy Who Cried Bitch to time no longer, from entry into the workplace to time-tested. At that time, when you were at home in do not love to eat, I could treat you in any way. If you don't like studying at school, I will be able to accompany you to skip classes without hesitation. You can't be capricious in the hospital, so I can play with your bar with awe and righteousness..

   How long will this unutterable love under the guise of pure friendship last?? I know, the decision has not been in my hands.. Because the first person I fell in love with is bound to bear more pain, and I have always been happy with it..

   You said, if you want to work to make money, I will help you Pre-check first; You said that you should study hard and study hard. I stayed up all night to find ways for you. You said, you want to go to the social experience alone, I will send you to the car with a smile and travel far away. You said, you want to talk about love, my heart beats fast off the charts, desperately want to attract your attention; You said, you have found true love, I can only quietly ask you in my heart, can I still accompany you?

   That one minute, that one second, is the one we have broken and moaned in the wind. It is lingering around me with the wind, telling its 11,000 honest thoughts and nostalgia.. I really didn't expect that the three words I have been deeply treasured in the most precious place of my soul have not been spoken out yet, so under your bland words, it was cruelly deprived of its right to be born.. (责任编辑:admin)




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