Finally said the secret love(2)

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   After work that day, I stood in front of the glass window on the third floor with a stiff and cold body, watching you go further and further in the sunset.. Looking at you without turning back, without nostalgia, without leaving, the last trace of warmth in my heart seems to be covered by the cold..

   I don't understand, clearly is accompanied by two people for so many years, how finally is I even the elongated shadow on the ground 安信娱乐注册 also have no way to keep the ending? In my memory of more than 20 years in inside, I think that day is my clearest one.. Your true love should be able to take good care of you! From today onwards, inside will accompany you, laugh with you, grieve with you, and . grow old together.

   However, I will only become an ordinary friend of yours, Qzone and inside, who may not contact very often.

  . Destiny lets us meet and know each other, but does not let us fall in love, accompany and make a promise.. Maybe I should be unwilling, even hate, why do we walk through so many storms together, but I am not the one who accompanies you at last? I can have him, but you have never given me the chance to stand beside you..

   No matter how much I want to degenerate into a devil, I will do anything to change your true company, but it will not be worth a drop of your tears.. Your pain, I seem to be more painful, since see you have only one heart, then I . Let go! Don't know which bastard said, it is easy to let go, Lao tze feel dense was cheated!

   Don't worry, you can still find friends if you have something, but don't alienate me just because I confess.. All the friends around me have taken off their orders now, buddy. I should also look for buddy's spring.! You know, man, I don't have any special advantages, that is, my striking ability to resist blows..

   Finally, remember to tell . well, your true love, dare to make my good' buddy' sad, Lao tze no matter where, will never end with him. Dear friends, I am writing this letter frankly not to make you feel guilty. Don't think you owe me. Love is voluntary.. Now, I have put it down and confessed to you, which means everything is over.. (责任编辑:admin)




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