500 words after reading Angel Street 23

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   500 words after reading "Angel Street 23"

   "I am outstanding! A person's instrument or ability to appear very prominent in a group of people.! The Invincible Genius of the Universe-Su Youhui! "

   Sharp face shape, big Almond eyes, deep double-fold eyelids hung with upturned eyelashes. The light blue eye shadow glowed with silver light.. Two willow eyebrows flowed down from the forehead.. Pink mouth stubborn ground Yang. Black hair is sending out shiny luster, finely bangs scattered on the forehead, but can't resist the confidence shot from the expression, plus a perfect smile of 180 degrees, neat pace, she is the angel Su Youhui.

   However, the angel should be preceded by a "mask".

   Masquerade Angel Su Youhui.

   Hypocrisy, 安信3娱乐 this is my most merciful adjective to her, flour.. Appearances are angels, but hearts are demons.. On the surface of the smile, the in the mind is constantly cursing. "I turned my head, a skilled 180 degree smile, in a stunning' ah ah' sound, I do not know how many fans fell into my Mickey Virus, ha ha ." Her smile is so hypocritical-gentle, lovely, beautiful, clever, these superficial praise, really is what she wants? Hiding her truest self everyday, isn't she tired?? I hate to see her like this and I am angry..

   However, seeing her later, I want to enclose the word "mask angel" in double quotation marks..

   "Masquerade" Angel Su Youhui.

   I never knew she had such patience that she could work hard to maintain her dignity..

   I never knew that she had such perseverance. In order to win back her dignity, she could hold out until the end in the school sports meeting, even though she was trembling all over and her hands and feet cramped..

   I never knew she had the courage to endure the bullying of Anna, the "devil Barbie", for the sake of the school's competition and reputation..

   I never knew that she had such determination. Once she had decided, she would never change it and would stick to it.. (责任编辑:admin)




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