Think again about the pursuit of life

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   On my way to school, I talked with my old friend Bought selfie stick about the pursuit of beauty and life Full stop.

   The old boudoir speaks plausibly of her pursuit of life, that is, through her own efforts, she should get 安信娱乐注册 into a good university, find a good job, earn enough money, do what she wants to do, buy what she wants to buy, especially beautiful clothes, and keep buying. The house inside cannot fit in..

   I felt very uncomfortable when I heard this. Such pursuit is too narrow, too vulgar and too lack of positive energy for a young child.. I explained to her that, according to the education I received when I was a child, she was a typical individualist. She had no society and no country in her heart, and this kind of pursuit was not on the table at all.. I told her that when she was this age, we studied to learn so that we could have knowledge, contribute to the society and become beneficial to the society and the country. We had never been connected with money.. Our ideal is to be a scientist, climb the scientific peak, and use our knowledge and strength to promote social progress.. It is not shouting slogans at all. It really worships those scientists from the heart and never thinks about how much money they will earn..

   The old boudoir immediately refuted me, saying that my ideal was too hypocritical.. It is said that everyone should first manage themselves well. Those who complain about the society and affect social progress all day long only rely on the society to help them because they have not managed their own lives well and feel that society is unfair.. If these people manage themselves well, society will naturally progress.. He also said that if it weren't for earning money and surviving, who would still study? What's the use of those trigonometric functions and conic curves? Their purpose is to answer the college entrance examination papers.. Also said that I, you study, you do what contribution to the society, is not to earn money to survive? Do you have your own real life pursuit? You don't have any. Life is just a few decades. What's wrong with pursuing what you like and living the life you want . (责任编辑:admin)




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