The night of first love

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   The night of first love

   When spring is strong, the mountains are green and the fields are fragrant and warm. In this season, birds and flowers are singing on our faces, and mountains and rivers are green and cannot be hidden. In this time of life, the people of Say Anything. are like mud. When love is strong, people are speechless..

   -inscription by: stream

   The music sounded slowly and the incense curled up gracefully. My thoughts drifted along with the music to that memorable night.

   On that night, street lamps were twinkling like tonight, and passers-by were bustling like tonight. The night scene is colorful and exciting. It is the first time that you and I have met on such a night.. Tonight, you are stiff like a small mimosa spreading its delicate branches and tendrils.. But at ordinary times you are like a pure and quiet lotus, facing the complicated world with an elegant and quiet heart. You are not trapped by the world of mortals or led by the common world, and you stick to your own peace in all the beauty, corruption, clarity and filth.. You are also like a wintersweet, fragrant and floating in the wind and snow. Qiao does not strive for spring.. My heart is beating wildly and the word "love" is a great temptation to a young man who has just been ignorant.! You are my dream that inside will appear a thousand times. Now my dream has come true. A kind of unquenchable surprise that cannot be described in words pervades me.. You are dressed in a light green casual shirt with finely sewn skirt and flowers. you are elegant and plain. your skin is fine and white, just like a fine ceramic.. Your facial features are regular and impeccable, and you have carefully drawn out the outline of a natural beauty, such as the white orchid at the bottom of the valley.. Without makeup, the crystal-like cheeks are faintly visible with a touch of red, and the unmodified eyebrows set off eyes like a pool of spring water, rippling out a unique reserve.. Rosy lips rose slightly, revealing a faint smile if if no, breathtaking. The wind gusts, beautiful hair flutters slightly in the wind, showing some elegant. Know what?? Your beautiful voice and appearance brightened my whole spring and summer.. (责任编辑:admin)




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