If we There's Always Tomorrow

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   If we were There's Always Tomorrow, I would take my dear you to the place where we met for the first time. In the blooming season of inside, what we kissed and kissed only belongs to our memories. Will it float in our minds together??

   At that time, you and I were so young, we used a long time to get to know each other, approached each other carefully, smiled behind every hug and kiss, and hid the intimacy and sweetness in our hearts..

   We love each other, but we have never expressed it seriously. I regret it till now. If we had said it earlier, would we have had more sweet and warm time together and let the laughter fill every path we walked through?.

   I'm very sorry about this, but I won't deny every move and uneasy expectation I had for you..

   I love you, dear, from the moment we first met.

   If we were There's Always Tomorrow, I would take my dear you to the church where we were married. At the moment when the holy bell rang, I took your hand and never separated from you again.. At that time, I was passionately in love with you. I wonder if you will still remember today..

   The lawn in the park was neatly mowed. I watched you coming to me with a beating heart. No matter how long you still touched my heart, I fell on my knees like a shy child. I forgot to panic. My eyes were wandering and I stammered the lines of proposal. My romantic memories were messed up by me. I don't know if you were angry at that time. At this time, I've regretted it a hundred times. Dear, if we are There's Always Tomorrow, please let me propose to you again, read out the handsome lines, and then ask you to take yours..

   With this hand I will lift your sorrows.

   (with my hands, smooth life All This Mayhem. )

   Your cup will never be empty ,for I will be your wine.

   (The Cup of Life will never dry up with me as its welfare.). )

   With this candle,I will light your way into darkness. (责任编辑:admin)




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