Prosperity ends, I continue to sink

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   The night crept silently from last night to tonight without a single star. The darkness of the whole world was boundless. I sat in the corner, waiting for the funny recounting of the sorrow of the past..

   When I am tired, I want to be outside alone.. The bustling lights can always make people forget a worry.. Walking 安信3娱乐 on the long bridge, the oncoming sea breeze can take away troubles and make people feel refreshed and refreshed.. At the moment, I just want to escape from reality. I bury myself in a bridge full of people. here is full of people enjoying the cool. the old people always take a fan and have a humorous conversation.. Couples held hands shyly and looked at each other for a long time, giving off an enviable smell.. More fishing uncle fishing here, while put down their grandiloquence, also began to talk about their own fun. I looked at them blankly, I was just a passer-by, I just envy them, in this world, I can't find like me.

   In the distance, there is a small bridge with bright lights, under which huan is moving countless times. They rushed to the bright lights full of fantasy, only to fall and die.. I often wonder if they will regret it, only for a beautiful meeting and permanent degeneration.. Maybe they really regret it, just for a gorgeous meeting, and forever fixed in the corner. In this world, there may be more meaningful things waiting for them.. I would rather be like this.

   When the troubles really disappear with the wind, I begin. The first time I met, I had no choice but to be gorgeous. We were two ordinary people. We used to be like Tiempo para amar. We have happy memories, but those can only become memories.. I didn't cherish it, she left me..

   She said she wanted to show it to me. I looked at it stupidly. I didn't tell her that I regretted the choice I made.. I will watch the meeting and have a good time..

   I don't want to think about it any more. I hurried home. The stroking trees made the busy streets look so comfortable. It was just a couple that met me. It was her who was happy. I ran away in a hurry. I said that I would keep my memory and have a good time.. (责任编辑:admin)




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