Her heart is too small for others.

时间: 作者:世平

   Her heart is very small, very small, no room for others.! Don't talk to her about love! She doesn't understand, really don't understand!

   My friends all said that she was stupid to have a boy who loved her so much and didn't want it.!

   She knew, always knew, that he was really good to her.! I will buy breakfast for her, cook for her, teach her lessons, understand her mistakes and understand her difficulties.! When she is unhappy, coax her to be happy; When she is happy, follow happy .

   He is too kind, but she just doesn't like him, just regards him as a brother, thinking it is good to have such a brother, introduce him to friends, maybe he will give me a favor?

   Yes! In love, she is an idiot, an idiot who knows nothing! Is it wrong to know that I don't like him and wish him well just to introduce the girl I think is the best to him??

   Some people said to her, "develop with him and try if it is suitable. if it is suitable, we will join together. if it is not suitable, we will separate and give him a chance, ok? "

   She also thought that she liked him when she was a child.! I hope I can have my own love.! However, she just tried, but she meant it, but he was heartless and still two heartless flowers.!

   When I was a child, I was a neighbor with him. I would play with him, laugh with him, quarrel with him, and make up with him.!

   Since he left without saying goodbye, she has changed and become very inferior.! He thought that his departure was due to his own fault, because he was hurting him.! Want to contact him but has been turned off! Why didn't you even give her a reason, why?

   She secretly told herself that he was not worthy of my liking or my undivided attention.! Because he was injured, he was afraid that he would be injured again, and he was afraid that he was still standing alone at his door looking around without any news.! He was afraid of being alone.!

   Yes! She can only forget this feeling, forget, not to like him, is her only choice! In order to let oneself live a good life! (责任编辑:admin)




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