Aesthetical statements about Boys Love

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   I will never love anyone as much as I love you, because you carved bones and cut flesh for me, because you are deep maternal love for me, because you spread your wings to shield me from the wind and rain, because you are lonely and do not marry for life, because you smile and endure pain for me, because you can't say I love you for me, because you give up completely before I get a return.. -Tao Xingqing's "After Leaving"

   2, pen dipped in new ink and then forget the old appearance, they should not have any intersection. "Top the previous posts Digs Out Ghost"

   3. To the sovereign, his heart is as bright as the bright moon-A Reception of the boundary of herod land

   4. Some people should not have known each other at the beginning. It is better to know them than not to know them.. "Police Officer, May I Love You"

   5. Red Dawn, breaking through his eyes, timid explanation, fading back, irretrievable friendship, transparent storm, sweeping all the cold tears, quietly without interest, holding his arms tightly, but unable to absorb warmth, cruel words, still in his ear, strong lava, will eventually cool, fiery passion, dye all pale floating snow, falling from the sky, silent wilderness, full of lies. Once the agreement, has become a vain, dumb voice, regret mood, destroy everything, on the flow of beads, cruel smile riddled with holes, black soul whisper gently, rotting body slowly shallow sing. My liking is none of your business, Iloveyouforever.

   6, taboo unrequited love. Unblessed adoration. Unutterable likes. The light concealed by the dazzling sun.. Close to you but as far away as the end of the world. The prison in which the devil is held is crumbling.. The throbbing of smile, the delusion of touch, the gentle despair, the inexplicable sweet and greasy fragrance brought by cool wind, the fruit that can never be reached, gently swaying and singing in the branches of the dark Double Vision, bottomless black hole, torrent of abyss, silent call, blue bird crying, cuckoo weeping with blood, bloody nebula, burning up the sky, gray ash, falling slowly. (责任编辑:admin)




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