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   Love letters are used to express the sincere affection of the heart and make the other party feel full of joy and emotion. Therefore, you must write deep affection to impress the heartstrings and win the heart.. However, love letters are also a very strong "impression decoration", which expresses emotions and moves the heart of the other party through beautiful words and modified sentences..

   Valentine's Day is approaching on Tanabata Festival. Do you have anything to say about her if you are single On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month,

   How to write a love letter. On Valentine's Day, send your special love to her with a love letter and win her heart.! Here is how to write love letters.

   The Writing Form and Content of Love Letters

   ( one)

   The address of the love letter is very particular. Different addresses can be used to reflect the relationship between the two. Therefore, the address of the love letter must be appropriate to avoid causing displeasure to the other party.. Generally speaking, there are two ways to address a love letter.

   one. The courtship is only a homosexual relationship. The letter of courtship usually writes the full name of the other party and adds the word "homosexual" after the name.. Such as "Comrade Liu Xin" and "Comrade Guo Da actor"

   2. The two sides of courtship are familiar with this kind of relationship. Love letters can generally omit the surname of the other side, which is more cordial.. Such as "Comrade Akatsuki Yuki" and "Ziyang Journal of the Same Issue". You can also just call each other's surname.. Such as "Xiao Li" and "Xiao Zhao". The address is written on the first line of the letter paper, with the top case, followed by a colon..


   The text of a love letter begins with the two empty spaces in the next line of address. The text usually states the following.

   one. Explaining the reasons for courtship it is often difficult for men and women to express their love clearly in words. However, the suitor must state the reasons for his love, such as writing down the strengths and advantages of the other party.. However, the content must be written according to the facts, and one should not flatter and exaggerate the other's merits in order to please the other and win the other's favor.. Flattery will often make the other party doubt the sincerity of your love.. (责任编辑:admin)




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