Weekend greeting text messages

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   Have a good mood, such as a sincere blessing. May you be healthy, may you be happy, and may my thousands of blessings be with you forever.

   Greetings: Good weekend. May cool Xia Feng blow away your worries and bring good luck for a whole week.

   Good weekend! Summer is coming, I wish you a pleasant and comfortable mood like cool wind in summer in inside. Your career is booming like summer sunshine.!


   The sky was tired and gave up the sun and chose the moon.. Flowers are tired and give up their beautiful choice of fruits.. Are you tired after being busy in week? I hope my trivial greetings can dispel your fatigue in week! Have a good weekend!

   Due to too much busyness and coldness, gentleness should not be neglected by too many pursuits. Work is not the whole of life. Stop and hurry. Please enjoy the blessings of life.! Have a nice weekend!

   People still, things still, and to the weekend; Think or forget, just greet. Free time is fine, busy or happy. Today is good and tomorrow is better. I wish you a happy weekend.!





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