Lei Feng's Story: When Lei Feng was studying

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   Lei Feng's Story: When Lei Feng was studying

   In the summer of 1950, lei feng went to school with a brisk pace, wearing the clothes he got when he fought against the landlord and his schoolbag on his back-something he did not 安信3娱乐 even dare to think about in the past. now it is a reality..

   The Traveler reminds Lei Feng of many past events.. In the old society, the children of poor families could only watch the children and grandchildren of landlords go to school. At that time, the school was for the children of rich families. How could the children of poor families step into the school gate?.

   After liberation, only under the leadership of the Communist Party and Chairman Mao did Lei Feng have the right to go to school with a straight back..

   On the first day of school, the teacher gave him two books and a notebook.. He saw many children pay book fees and tuition fees, and he also took out some money from villagers and gave it to the teacher.. The teacher affectionately said:

   "You are an orphan, the school does not charge your tuition, you read for free. "

   Lei Feng opened the first page of the new book with the excitement of being grateful to the Communist Party and Chairman Mao. Chairman Mao's kind face caught his eye.. He held the new book in his hands and gazed at it for a long time.. He made up his mind silently: "I will study hard and become a useful person to the country when I grow up.". "

   What the company commander who did not leave his name said was like a seed, and inside had begun to sprout in his young heart..

   Lei Feng had just learned to write when he used the pen that the company commander gave him to write the five characters "Long live the Communist Party" one by one in his notebook.. This is cheering from his heart.

   School life brought Lei Feng infinite joy. His face was full of smiles all day long.. No matter who said that he was an orphan, he said, "Don't say that I am an orphan any more. The Party is my parents."?? " (责任编辑:admin)




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