Robinson's Book Review: 600 Words

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   Robinson Crusoe, written by English novelist Defoe, describes Robinson, who was born in a merchant family. He is unwilling to lead a mediocre life like his father's. He yearns for an overseas life full of risks and challenges. He resolutely abandons his easy and comfortable life and sails out to sea without permission to realize his dream of roaming the world.. The hero drifts on the island and overcomes difficulties. On the deserted island, which lacks the most basic living conditions, he is alone and overcomes many difficulties that ordinary people cannot imagine.. He survived with astonishing perseverance.. No house, he built it himself.. Without food, he tried hunting, planting millet, training goats and drying wild raisins. He also fumbled for tables and chairs, made pottery, and baked bread in flour with a scarf. However, his desire to return to the world fascinated him. He only thought about how to get out of this terrible place and finally returned to England in 1868 after 28 years of separation..

   The most attractive thing about the novel is Robinson's character.. He dares to take risks and pursue a free and unfettered life.. Even if you are stranded on a desert island, you will never be discouraged.. In this way, Robinson established his own material and spiritual kingdom on the desert island.. Faced with the difficult situation in life, Robinson's behavior shows a man of iron's resolute character and A Better Tomorrow. It embodies the creative spirit and pioneering spirit of the rising bourgeoisie.. Now, in the West, "Robinson" has become a synonym for adventurer and a hero in the minds of millions of readers in Qian Qian.

   Robinson Crusoe has become an immortal masterpiece in literary history because of its authenticity and extraordinary artistic expression.. We need Robinson's spirit of hard work..

   In his opinion, there are no difficulties that human beings cannot overcome in the world. As long as human beings make full use of their wisdom and hands, all difficulties will be solved.. The same is true of our study. We must believe that we have the ability to learn various subjects well. Only in this way can we have a driving force in the learning process to continuously push us forward.. At the same time, we must try our best to keep improving after doing everything well.. Robinson's self-confidence, self-reliance, self-esteem, self-improvement, never satisfied, unwilling to mediocre spirit; Tell me Robinson relies on his honesty, kindness, wisdom and fortitude to create and develop.. His spirit is worth learning.! (责任编辑:admin)




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