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   Willingness is the reason for hurting a person. Hurt a person, despise is definitely; Let one go, disappointment is the result..

   Life, there is no eternal if first seen, nor always if only first seen.

   The efforts smeared with impure colors are worthless, and the feelings adulterated with interests need not continue..

   Love for life, because care; Love is limited only because of centrifugal force..

   How many support, never abandon; How much care, let feelings return to zero.

   Pay feelings, will love dearly; Don't ask the result, only then truly.

   Love a person, pour out one's heart and lung, only hope the other party can see it. Keep a person don't give up, just hope can always not far not near has always been in.

   Love and love need care. Heart to heart requires respect..

   Love has no password, only heart; Love has no model, only cherish it..

   Looking back at 3,000, outside the world of mortals, you are waiting with your heart. The white head turns pale and the white face turns pale. There are still people there..

   There is no need for too much in one's life. Love is happiness. What do you want too much in your life? Love is the satisfaction..

   If there is no longer trust between heart and heart, what is the point of getting along? If there is suspicion between love and affection, then why continue?.

   The idea of 安信娱乐注册 coinciding has become the result of deliberate imitation. An act of coincidence becomes an act of losing one's individuality..

   People, no letter, no communication, keep faith for a long time; Heart to heart, mutual respect gives birth to love, and mutual love gives birth to truth..

   Don't deceive others, don't hurt others, don't hurt yourself..

   It is difficult to trust a person, and it is even harder to trust a person again..

   Heart, don't guess, more guess more doubt; Love, don't be cold, the colder the farther.. (责任编辑:admin)




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