The wind will remember the fragrance of a flower.

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   In my memory, there is a Little Bridge and a small jasper in the family of Xiaoqiao people. She is sincere, kind and beautiful, and has a long lingering charm of piano, poetry, calligraphy and painting.. When I met in this life, the laughter like a bell when you called my brother entered my heart deeply and made me feel warm and kind..

   I have known you in words, and your dream of predestination woven by Ci and Fu is the pure beauty of new and graceful at the turn of nature and spirit, and is the natural essence of late-night breeze blowing willow.. It is very difficult to find a sister like you in the vast world, who can listen to her own story, relieve you, comfort you, encourage you, share joy and sorrow. It is not easy, one day is easy, one month is ok, but it is very difficult for a lifetime..

   The communication with you is simple and clear, and there is no need to beat about the bush, guess from east to west, treat each other honestly and be frank and open.. The heart is sincere and simple, just like fly, with a petal flowing along the string..

   When I first met you, reading your poems in space may have some slight sadness, but every word is the profound meaning between your brows, and every word is Ji Yu, whom you lightly lock up.. Or fragrant and elegant, or pure and beautiful, or gentle, saturated with the traditional virtues of a little woman in his bones. Your refined temperament is innate.. No matter whether it is prose, poetry or novel, it is as vivid and charming in your works as if you have enchanted them..

   Every time I come back from other places, on a long lonely night, when I walk into your garden, which emits faint fragrance, I read your "the letter from the bamboo slips: if you are well, it will be sunny."! "Such as heart, the close heart, let the heart warm, that kind of warmth, is the transmission of thousands of inside; That kind of emotion, is the soul of dependence. She is just like my other home, which makes me worry and yearn for. I really understand that if my heart is similar, silence is also warm.. (责任编辑:admin)




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