Tianjin Explosion: Should We Be Accountable While Moved to

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   At about 23: 30 on August 12, an explosion occurred at a container terminal at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Yuejin Road in Tianjin Binhai New Area. The explosion was caused by inflammable and explosive articles in the container.. The scene was ablaze and nearby residents could hear a loud explosion with a strong sense of shock. After 30 seconds, another explosion occurred, equivalent to 24 tons of TNT explosive equivalent.. As of the evening of the 14th, Tianjin port "8. The death toll from 12 "Ruihai Company's particularly serious fire and explosion accident in Dangerous goods store has risen to 85.

   Over the past two days, the hearts of the Chinese people have been torn apart by the explosion in Tianjin.. Many people don't know how to express their concern about the explosion accident, but can only express their feelings in words.. Microblogs, conversations of inside firefighters in WeChat circles, and prayers for the deceased filled everyone's mobile phone screens.. In this disaster inside, "relatives or more sad, others have also sung", everyone tried their best to vent their sadness and powerlessness. However, most people are more emotional than rational. They seem to be busy mourning and praying for those firefighters who died and those who died unfortunately, but forget to ask what caused the disaster..

   Every time there is such a disaster, the Chinese will quickly turn the disaster into a big wave of emotion and ignore the dereliction of duty and responsibility that should be asked.. When people are busy praying for the dead, cheering for volunteers, and collecting donations, should we first calm down and think about why the accident happened?? Are the relevant departments failing in their duties and pursuing their responsibilities??

   According to the investigation, there are dense residential areas around the place where the explosion occurred to cause such heavy casualties.. In 2013, Ruihai Company planned to build a warehouse in the place where the explosion occurred. In 2010, Vanke Group was already planning to develop a building within 600 meters.. According to a survey by the Beijing News reporter, the "Conditions and Technical Requirements for the Opening of Hazardous Chemicals Enterprises" stipulates that large and medium-sized hazardous chemicals warehouses should be kept at least 1,000 meters away from surrounding public buildings, traffic arteries, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.. Ruihai International's project is a large warehouse. A city planning expert said, "It is a fatal mistake to have residential areas before planning dangerous goods storage projects.". At the same time, experts believe that the EIA for this project should not be approved.. However, the warehouse project passed the EIA. How did they pass the EIA?? This makes people think deeply and doubt whether there are any government-business exchanges and covert operations.! (责任编辑:admin)




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