I miss you in your city

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   Memories of inside always have your shadow lingering in my mind. I'm afraid my mind is too small to hold the great you. I'm afraid I will become strong and lose your concern. I'm afraid I'm too far away from you and can't see your face clearly. I'm afraid the road at my feet is too difficult and I can't keep up with your steps. Every sad city will always think of you. I hope you can think of me in a moment, even if it's one minute and one second, even if it's a little nostalgia between mountains and rivers..

   Our story is too small, time As if a generation had passed, miss your smile, miss your kindness to me, even if it is a sympathetic look, even if it is the love between brother and sister, even if it is a man's pity for a woman, even if it is a little love for a moment, once upon a time a person lived in the depths of his heart, deeper and deeper, deep-rooted, unable to extricate himself..

   People often say that women are as beautiful as flowers and dreams, and mr.zhou is open. There are always some women as beautiful as poetry, some women as elegant and intellectual, some women as graceful and enchanting, some women as delicate and charming, some women as reserved as lotus flowers, some women as hot as roses, and some women as fragrant and rich as gardenias. I know there is no shortage of women around you. My willfulness and stubbornness doomed me to miss you. I miss you in your city of inside. Even looking at it from a distance has become extravagant hope. Looking at the phone number familiar to inside in the address book, I clearly wanted to send a text message to greet but could not show much courage. Any response from you will make me full of joy, and I am unconsciously desperate for awe-inspiring deep love..

   I want to be alone for a long time. I've walked through a city and had a heart-wrenching past. I've missed you at the end of the world. I don't want to spend my white hair in Changting Garden..

   I have been waiting for a long time for a relationship, but it really happened. I met it for a moment, and spent my whole life waiting for love. I would do anything to break it to pieces.. (责任编辑:admin)




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