Some Personal Feelings after Tianjin Binhai Explosion

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   After the explosion, my daughter-in-law and I went to stay with relatives until now.. As a victim, I actually have a lot of dissatisfaction. Yesterday afternoon, the owners of the residential area held a party on their own. They counted the number of people and contact information. Many media also came, as well as foreign media.. Many owners were very excited, but considering the future negotiations with the government and the situation of those people who were worse than us, everyone tried their best to refrain and did not say anything drastic. Most owners refused the media interview..

   But the reality is really different from what you see online and on TV in inside.. At noon yesterday, I arrived near Haigang City. I wanted to go home and get something, but the police stopped me.. If there is a clear reason not to allow us to go back, tell us, we will certainly understand. However, a police officer told me that I should go to the New District Administrative Committee to inquire, because they had not received the notice of whether to allow the owner to go home. To put it bluntly, the leadership did not think of this problem.. I didn't even think about this. I really don't know what else they think about our victimized owners..

   Settlement point? The temperature in Tianjin has been above 32 degrees. As friends who have been to Tanggu know, Tanggu is the kind of sauna day.. In the open air for more than three days, there was no place to take a bath, no change of clothes, only you stayed here, eating and drinking, and other information is the same as everyone knows on the internet.. When can we go home and see "MENWEN". COM. CN ",how to ensure the safety of the family property (several burglaries have taken place in several nearby residential areas, and the owner of the scene said that he caught two thieves yesterday) all don't know, can the owner's mood be stable?? It doesn't matter if you suffer some crimes now, the problem is that you don't know what to do next..

   We can't always live in relatives' homes, nor can we always live in settlements.. Damaged houses may be able to return to live in three to five months. What if I rent a house?? So far, no one has organized the injured owners to do anything, and no information has been reported.. Vanke has the phone numbers of all our owners and WeChat, but there is no news at present.. Rumors are rife now, and it is inevitable that the owners will feel excited.. (责任编辑:admin)




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