The love of the ages

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   I always thought that my grandfather and grandmother had no feelings.. They were arranged by their parents and had never seen a flour before they got married.. When a little Bridal Sedan Chair carried grandma to grandpa's house, he still hid in the house to write big characters, because he said that calligraphy was his lover and he could not get married..

   But they still worshipped heaven and earth.. When I was in The Wedding Night, my grandfather disappeared. He went to chat with his friends when he was young. The two studied Wang Xizhi's Preface to Orchid Pavilion.. Grandma sat alone in front of the lamp all night on her wedding night.. That night, Grandma thought that her partner in singing opera, in inside of Liyuan, always had some tacit secrets when singing Tsing Yi and singing niche.. Grandma, too, was spotted by grandma's mother, so she married her early.. The family I am looking for this time is a scholarly brother-it has nothing to do with singing opera or love..

   In my father's memory, my grandparents have been quarrelling with each other.. Grandma threw grandpa's pen and ink into the yard of inside, while grandpa tore grandma's costume into strips. As a result, they separated from each other and lived in one house until they were old..

   I think, if they can divorce at that time, they must be divorced, that's what my father and I said.. And the father said, Silly girl, they won't.

   will not? I said why? They have been separated for a long time, and they are bored with each other's way of life.. For example, Grandpa would write his words with his head stuffy in the house one day, while Grandma would go to the park to sing her Su San in inside no matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Why should such a marriage be maintained??

   But they lived like this until grandpa was 80 and grandma was 76.. That year, Grandma was ill and could no longer sing Su San in inside Park.. My grandfather walked out of the opposite room, inside, and gave his grandmother Peking Opera, a classic plum pie in Tsing Yi, every day.. I don't know where a person who doesn't like Beijing opera can find so many tapes.. In Grandma's room, Murmuring's euphemistic tune is heard every day.. 恒行平台 Grandma Last days, grandpa was all with her. I don't know what they said, but grandma always smiled when she left. She handed grandpa a box that she had treasured for many years.. I thought that the box of inside must be grandma's life savings. She left it to grandpa to die for his old age.. (责任编辑:admin)




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