Halloween classic greetings

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   Halloween is COMing. I wish you will not go out to Twisted Love, sleep without dreams, look up without ghosts, feel free to hold your cell phone and touch your other half's thigh. Pay attention to the objects. Be sure to be safe and your own. Happy Halloween!

   Halloween night brings you a blessing. I wish you a charming figure like a devil, attractive eyes like a devil, and superhuman skills like a devil.. Ha ha, happy Halloween.

   Let me tell you a secret, I have recently learned a new skill, that is to catch ghosts. Today is Halloween, I will show it to you in person, but you must invite me to dinner first..

   I wanted to send you a big pumpkin on Halloween night, for fear that the road would be too far away and you would fall apart halfway, so I had to send you a simple text message with my deep thoughts and wishes. I wish you a good carnival and infinite happiness.!

   I would not hesitate to miss Manchu Han Imperial Feast and Running All the Way, fly over Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, cross the streets blocked by Roast goose, and send you a pumpkin-filled blessing for Halloween on November 1.!

   On Halloween night, you were horrified to tell your wife that there was a ghost in the toilet 恒行平台官网 inside. The light came on as soon as you opened the door, and there were gusts of evil wind blowing.. The wife looked at you strangely and suddenly grabbed your neck and said, "Damn, you pissed on the refrigerator inside again."!

   Don't be sad any more. You see someone is laughing at you. He is standing outside the window. Go out and let him in. He will make you happy and ask me who he is.? Ghost will tell you. Happy Halloween.

   Halloween has become a children's program and a young people's masquerade party program, which has spread to this day without any religious superstition.. The holiday arrangements in public places and around the home are voluntary.. The grimace pumpkin lantern, the white net Eric Needham and so on are all decorations of the festival, and there is no frightening ghostly color any more.. Some female students will also buy a pair of pumpkin or ghost skull earrings to wear at this time.. (责任编辑:admin)




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