The pain of being downwind in Zoom Hunting

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   To hitch a ride in pairs

   Since I bought this ivory Oto, I have been deeply distressed by the high fuel cost.. When complaining to his husband Hou Huan, he was only "Smilence" at the end of the video.. He will never be able to do anything about my troubles except agree to buy this car.. From the time of marriage to now, the cowherd and the weaver have been separated for three years, and all the love can only be translated into words on QQ.. Over time, I became a dissatisfied housewife.

   Colleague and best friend Juanzi snorted at my Exhalation, and then helped me to come up with a clever plan to increase revenue and reduce expenditure: send a message online and find a carpool willing to be slaughtered by you. I repeatedly praised this as a good idea and immediately posted a post on the city's car friends website:

   A 28-year-old married woman with a dignified appearance bought a new private car. If you want to find a working-class friend who would like to take a lift to share the cost of fuel, I can pick it up five days a week and pay 500 yuan monthly.. After that, I attached the QQ number..

   After reading the post, Juanzi laughed at me for making it look like a marriage advertisement: Be careful not to "sit down" but to get an affair.. The speaker didn't mean to, but my heart suddenly moved.

   At night, I went home and turned on my computer. I found someone wanted to add me as a good friend.. This man named An Qi seems to be specially made for me: I only need to turn the car 200 meters more in the morning to pick him up, and put him down and I will arrive at the terminal.. He also did not raise any objection to the monthly 500 yuan fee.. Even he didn't even ask about the car model, which made me avoid the embarrassment of worrying that Oto wasn't good enough..

   After agreeing on everything, An Qi offered to meet first.. He then sent a video request, which hit my heart: leaving QQ's contact information is to better examine this hitchhiker, no matter how big or brainless the woman is, she doesn't want leading a wolf into one's house either.. In front of him, he is in his 30s, smiling in the sunshine. He looks not only honest and reliable, but also handsome and charming.. (责任编辑:admin)




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