A road one can take

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   The cement road is full of potholes and pools, which are easily covered up at night. People who pass by have to keep their eyes 恒行平台官网 wide open, but I have to admit that in many cases, we are often blind and finally rely on a little moonlight to get up step by step..

   Because of selfishness and inflated vanity, we often think of ourselves as unique. Yes, everyone is a separate individual. Then we are shameless and do not know why we rely on others.

   No one needs to rely on others to live.

   Often, everyone has their own responsibilities and tasks.

   Experiencing these needs to taste loneliness and learn to be independent..

   Many nights of tossing and turning will teach us that the most luxurious thing is affection.

   It's not necessarily your friends or girlfriends that get along with you day and night. Maybe they will satirize all kinds of things in a corner behind you when you turn around. Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme, the two have been getting along for a long time, deepening not feelings but contradictions..

   Friends who accompany you all your life feel like a trickle of water, bland but necessary. When you are down and out, she can give you silent applause in the dark when you are glorified.

   Often, we can easily detect the deterioration of feelings. Y accompanied me through a period of college time. The combination of friends like inside in college is often tied together through the identity of roommates. People with similar personalities are always happy when they have topics. Once they are silent with each other, they are prone to various loopholes..

   Friction is inevitable. I often lower my head in order to ease the atmosphere, but everyone has his own dignity and stubbornness. Even if one step is allowed, it is impossible to consider each other's feelings and follow their lead every time. Of course, this is not the crux of the problem. First, no matter who is right or wrong, when you summon up courage, it is not easy to take the initiative. (责任编辑:admin)




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