Drink a bowl of Meng Potang and walk back to Helpless bridge

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   Candle flame, shaking, dragging, slowly extinguished, candle tears, flow all over the floor.

   Yes, people are dead, the soul is fluttering forward, melodious trembling Xiao Sheng, there is a mournful sorrow, such as tears. Yes, everything seems like yesterday. At the foot of the foot, there is a long road, and everyone makes a mark when they pass by.. Numerous traces overlap and repeat.. Rushing forward, for the next life, for the fate of the next life.

   In front of the smoke light cage is conveniently located in Helpless bridge. "Those who travel long distances are thirsty. Drink a bowl of Meng Potang to quench their thirst. "Meng Po leisurely carrying yellow bowl standing at the bridge. In front of the rows of bowls, I saw that the bowl was filled with soup more or less, mixed or muddy. This was the tears of everyone's life in the previous life, joyful or sad, sweet or painful. Through thousands of times of suffering. After drinking, you can forget all the joys and sorrows of past lives, all the love and hate, all the Hate Story. Eyes will be as clean and flawless as newborn babies.. Then to reincarnate.

   On the other side of the bridge were pedestrians who had been hastily forgotten.. They drank Meng po soup. On this side of the bridge, there are persistent "no, I don't want to drink, I want to remember the people I loved in the past, I want to remember who buried me. "Old voice over and over again repeating the curse of one thousand" people live for a lifetime, many disasters. Drink it, is a relief, is a relief. Those who have loved, those who cannot give up. Will forget, forget clean, and then to reborn, in a lifetime, "and then yellow bowl of inside soup was not a drop left, Meng Po leisurely bowl. So please cherish the lover around you, and he may not be around you in the next life..

   All the world of mortals love, all the true love, at the moment of soup into the throat. Solidified on the Helpless bridge, a refutation. Under the bridge, the water in the yin and yang rivers sobbed. The deep-rooted past is like the helpless sobs of the river over and over again.. The fate of the previous life, scattered will become ethereal clouds. Light dispersed, sank in the hustle and bustle of the past inside, coagulation in Helpless bridge's side. This article comes from the American Literature Reading Network (责任编辑:admin)




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