The Great Tragedy

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   Tragedy always makes people cry. To be exact, it not only makes people cry, but also makes people feel sorry. It is often called the antonym of comedy.. Tragedy is not limited to drama, but also exists in reality.. However, some tragedies are great. Here, I'd like to talk about the text we learned, Great Tragedy..

   People who know Antarctica a little know that the scientific experiment station at 90 degrees south latitude in Antarctica is named Amundsen-Scott.. This is to commemorate the first two scientific explorers to reach the pole of Antarctica in human history-Norwegian Amundsen and British Scott.. Amundsen's team reached the pole first, then triumphant return,return in triumph. But Scott's team was nearly five weeks behind them. Although they also reached the extreme point, on their way back, the cold weather in Antarctica arrived ahead of time and attacked them mercilessly.. Under harsh conditions, they struggled in hunger and cold and fought for 2 months.. At last they were exhausted and buried in the white snow and ice..

   What a terrible tragedy. These heroes are called heroes because they have noble moral character and the spirit of face death unflinchingly. The first is the guards Oates, in order not to drag down the associates, in the critical moment to protect associates, and ran to death. In the end, they waited for death with despair and pride.. They climbed into their sleeping bags without complaint or regret.. Scott, in particular, wrote letters to all the people he loved at the last moment of his life to express his selfless love and sincere kindness.. So, when they died, even the king of the highest authority knelt down to mourn them, knowing their position in people's eyes-supreme.

   As a saying goes, "Death is not the end of life, but the sublimation of life.". "This is just like the sentence in the text: although a person has destroyed himself in the struggle against invincible bad luck, his heart has become extremely noble as a result.. This has shown that their dedication to their cause is extremely noble.. (责任编辑:admin)




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