Mid-Autumn Festival Greeting Message

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   Friends, friends, touch have; Friends, friends, really hard to find. Friends have two "moons", The Moon Represents My Heart. The moon is near the Mid-Autumn Festival. Messages are sent to greet them.. Friends, friends, forever! Friends, friends, happy long stay!

   The Mid-Autumn Festival brings blessings to thousands of inside. One Ming moved into Happy City, two Ming succeeded in running well, everything was peaceful in Sanming, and four Ming never forgot his friends. Pancavidya and Booming Flowers and a Full Moon were happy forever.. Happy Mid-Autumn festival!

   My friend, the next stop is Mid-Autumn Festival. Looking back on our journey, we have experienced both bitter and sweet, tears and laughter. It is really a stormy journey.. However, in any case, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival in silence.澳利国际 I hope we can cooperate happily and keep our career on the rise.!

   Hello, this is medium wave 2013 khz, 815 Hz. your friend ordered a "happy mid-autumn festival" for you. since this friend does not give gifts during the mid-autumn festival, the on-demand song has been cancelled. please hum it yourself. happy mid-autumn festival!

   Are you wandering in a foreign land? The Mid-Autumn Festival can only sigh at the empty moon? Parents and friends are not around, others reunion their envy. The blessing of the short message came quietly. I only wish to tell you that my care is always by your side.! Happy Mid-Autumn festival!

   The bright moon shines on the horizon, missing hidden in my heart.! This Mid-Autumn full moon night, how are you in the distance? May the full moon bring my strong care and deep thoughts.! I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, friends, and may you always be happy.!

   The bright moon shines like frost on sweet osmanthus, and sends blessings to your home from afar.. Mid-Autumn Festival miss round like a month, Nothing Is Impossible has not cut off. Moon cakes are fragrant and joyous in Kyushu, and happiness and good fortune surround us.. The truest and most sincere token of my heart: Happy holidays from friends.

   The United States takes advantage of the autumn wind to flood the yellow land with splendid flowers and flying fireworks. The heart reflects Festival moon, the wisdom gives birth to wonderful fragrance, the affection is thick, Andrew Yong Zhang; Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival as a friend. All eyes are beautiful. The era is in its third year, and the house is full of fragrance. A new chapter will be written, youth strength will be offered, and friends will be forwarded. It will last for a long time.!





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