Wandering Kyoto Gu Qingsheng

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   Wandering Kyoto

   Gu Qingsheng

   When I got up this morning, I saw the ginkgo trees in front of the building were golden yellow.. Chu Yang is slanting, the morning breeze blows gently, and golden leaves fall quietly.. It's already autumn, and a wisp of coolness slowly floats up in my heart. How is this season coming again without my knowing it?? This is the third autumn I have spent in Beijing. The time is really fast. It moves like the wind. The three-year wandering time suddenly turns into several fallen leaves and falls in my life inside..

   Just standing on the balcony, my mood hanging on that piece of Autumn scenery, a kind of emptiness that never existed suddenly filled up and gradually merged into the morning light-it was autumn, this was a harvest season, but I was empty-handed. I can't get rid of the mood brought to me by the season, although it is still a sunny day..

   There is a wandering journey in life, which is perhaps beautiful. Recalling the time in South China, the wandering once designed was colorful, and unexpectedly walked on the wandering journey. The endless writing accompanied by the solitary lamp and the homesickness that cannot be dissolved have squeezed the last romance of inside's mind.. The color of life, then also dim for it?

   Maybe it is.

   These days, I seem to be using the sap of life to write a long article, the title of which is "wandering in Kyoto", writing about me, about the people I know and don't know wandering in Kyoto, about our joy and pain, about our adventures and setbacks, our pursuit and longing. In this way, the nearly 1,000 days and nights are numbered. In the vanished traces of inside, the truth of life is highlighted in the heart and on paper.. Perhaps such writing is somewhat dignified and sincere.. Maybe this kind of life, will go to less ostentation and correction.

   There have been many colorful dreams.

   I went downstairs, walked into the autumn scenery, bent down to pick up gold leaves, gently on the palm-this is the last glory of life, I think. People will go to this step eventually, and there will be brilliant moments. Is it too early to expect harvest at this time?? Why do you fall and wander in front of some small scenery?? Why do you feel so sad in the seasonal wind? If fate is an invisible hand, why don't you hold it when you run??

   I put such a golden leaf in my book, inside, and noted that it was collected in the autumn of 1996.. When Caetuna closed the page, he remembered fondly that when he was a child, he put the cypress leaf in the old textbook, thinking that it would become a piece of silk in a long time. I have not got such a piece of silk so far.. However, this did not become the reason why I denied that time. I still appreciate such an ignorant innocence.. Oh, oh, we all have to go through such a space and time. So, I also don't care too much about today.

   With one hand outstretched and one hand clasped, inside shook his heart in the lonely time..

   At the end of summer, I went to Suzhou to eat snail. A friend (? ) on the table told eat snail must eat the shell together, the in the mind think there should be even the shell to eat the screw? I think this is my friend's hometown. It must be an important way for people in water towns to supplement calcium, or-shells are more delicious than meat.? I heard a snicker when I was out of the chopsticks, and it suddenly became clear in my heart that this was a humorous appetizer..

   Humor is Beijing's morning exercise. On such mornings, people in Beijing can be seen walking backwards with their pens standing upright. They look solemn and solemn, do not look aside, and walk backward and backward with accurate steps. This way of walking is really unique. I imagine that one day they will finally be able to walk backwards and walk like flies-what a situation that is.? To practice such kung fu and march into the world cup in a a, the offense and defense will save the tedious turn around and will be invincible.. However, this kind of walking can't go back to the youth, picking up bamboo and horse rustling to run again, is still-no longer.

   Wandering people, also Irreversible.

   all the way? Of course. There is a dream like this. Driving an open jeep, going north and south, crossing east and west, equipped with camera, notebook, Internet fax mobile phone and a Swiss army knife, he threw his youth on the road of vagrancy with great ease and fear. In the wind, rain, snow and the scorching sun, he left the song on the road and absorbed the possible poetic flavor into his heart.. A Contemporary Xu Xiake, a Li Bai in the Age of Information Superhighway. How good this is, how good it is!

   But I still can't hit the road now.. Now I have to go back to room inside. Facing Autumn scenery outside the balcony, he 澳利国际 walked on the keyboard with ten fingers. Dada was like crabs-even more rampant.. This autumn seems to be a surprise attack on me, quietly and quietly approaching suddenly-ah! A big drink caught me off guard.. Writing a novel was originally a free choice. How can you feel so compelled by the whip behind you?? Why do you always feel the chill in your back?? Why don't you angrily smash the computer and go back to your home in the south?Why is it that Jiang Tao's voice still resounds in the dead of night far away from the south of China, making one's eyes moist for a long time? This is fate? (责任编辑:admin)




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