People who care about you will move your care.

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   My deskmate and I unconsciously passed a year like this. How time flies!! In the rush of inside, First Love Again, we were all driftwood snuggling up to each other. We all unconsciously lost ourselves in the crowd and then excitedly found each other.. In the strange environment of inside, we became the only good friends with each other.. I still remember those days when I walked with an umbrella together, when I ate bread stealthily together, when I talked and laughed together, and when I fought and played together, as if it were just a dream, so beautiful and far away..

   Since when did she gradually find her like-minded friends in the crowd and gradually disappear bit by bit in my world inside, as if she had siphoned off those sweet memories from my brain inside. I still remember that one month before her birthday, I racked my brains to give her a birthday present. I wanted to do something for her with happiness and moving heart.. As a result, I suddenly wanted to make a cross stitch and give it to her. I don't remember how many nights I spent threading the needle silently with tired eyes. I don't remember how many times, my fingers were painfully pricked by the needle. I don't remember how many times, Extreme fear or tension wanted to give up because of the tiny thread wrapped in a ball.. However, I managed to get through it, for the sake of my deskmate, it was worth it.. I have always thought so. Whenever I think of the excited and touched expression when she saw it, I have the incomparable firm confidence and courage to do it.. In doing so, I did not expect anything in return from her. I never thought she would invite me to her birthday dinner..

   I just wanted to see her smiling face, but when I handed her the rusty brocade bag, her expression was calm and not as touched as I expected. She just smiled lightly and took it.. To be honest, I am a little lost. But I still managed to smile. She said that she would bring me a piece of cake to eat. I was touched by it.! For the first time, my deskmate invited me to eat cake! Originally I thought I could eat the cake, 澳利国际 but when she said she was embarrassed to bring it, it didn't appear for a long time, and finally, it was forgotten in the plain life.. In fact, a piece of cake is not a big deal. Don't eat it if you don't eat it! I won't care about it. But, deskmate, why don't you understand? What I want is a heart, what I want is your true feelings..

   Gradually, inside lost her smile in my life. Every time she looked at me, she looked tired. She always said that she didn't sleep well at night. As a result, we talked less and less.. I really want to believe your reason. The problem is, I always see you having fun with others.. Perhaps, it is my character, is not good! You will gradually alienate me. when network

   I know that she is not a thick-line person, on the contrary, she is a thoughtful person, it is because of this, I am more sad, she can't not know I am not happy, she just deliberately ignored! We no longer hold an umbrella together. Silence has become the language between us.. On that rainy day, I didn't have an umbrella and she promised to give me a lift.. However, I broke my promise and let me wait alone. Fortunately, I met a kind teacher and gave me a ride. I was not late.. The reason why she let me fly was to take another person-her good friend..

   Only then did I realize that whatever I did was meaningless to her.. If she really cares about me, even if I just pour a glass of water for her, she will be deeply moved. However, if the other party doesn't care about me, even if I go through fire and water for her, she doesn't feel it either.. I understand, people who care about you will be moved by your care.. I was very sad that rainy day..

   Recognizing this fact, I decided not to be so kind to her and not to put too much emotion into her.. So as not to hurt myself too deeply, I slowly walked out of the friendship.. I think now my feelings with her are just like water in A hedge between keeps friendship green..

   Looking back at the dribs and drabs, I suddenly realized that I was looking in the wrong direction. How can I really understand a person and how can I understand a person's heart?. I am confused, wandering at the intersection of friendship, hesitating .

   Author: Kagu





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