The rain is warm in sunny days, and the flowers bloom brilli

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   The phoenix tree and plantain trees cast a shadow on the moon, the cold Autumn Night Moon was washed, the wind knocked at the window lattice, and Hikimayu was lightly raised.. Ancient poetry, piled up a few cases, solitary lamp zhaobi people awake, Ran Ran sandalwood disturbing thoughts, hand came letters, Yan flew away. I don't know if Fang fei is resting, but there are no butterflies in the empty mountain..

   Leaning on the railing, cool night, flicking a song, singing a Fermentation starter, the flute sound faint and the moon is thin, floating in the night sky from the forest, Indifferent not fame and fortune has nowhere to send it.. The mountain wind is easy to rise, blowing cold waves of smoke and blue water. On a moonlit night, stars are faintly visible, maple leaves are fluttering and chirping, and the wind is still and silent..

   If one's heart stops water, one's bosom friend follows, and one smiles and whispers, why should there be no endless period?? Watching flowers and clouds, floating in lofty mountains and steep hills, chasing on the horizon, flocks of cattle and sheep, flying thousands of miles without trace; Burning a handful of red beans, burning the sky red, scooping up a handful of colors, splashing clouds; Smear bright oil, cloud dance Plumage League, drunk with me, free and unfettered is better than Yaotai Qingnv.

   In a short period of time, ink will spill on rice paper, yellow chrysanthemum flowers will bloom, and the east fence will be traced by hand.

   Hair on the temples is like a cloud with hairpins and emeralds, her eyebrows and black eyes are like water, and Sandy's 澳利国际 fingers are as icy as jade. Her paintings cut the autumn chrysanthemum and say "Yiyi". Her paintings are like green bamboo leaves and alienated from each other.. The hand caresses the guqin song Fermentation starter, the incense wraps around the beam, and Bead curtain rolls up, walking leisurely and gracefully, charming and beautiful..

   Suddenly there was a sound of a flute in the empty mountain. Whose green shepherd boy was it?? Playing a Guan Cang flute ripples in the mountains.. After brushing the lotus leaves and rolling the clear stream, the grass and dead leaves fell and the fish were afraid, the flute sounded leisurely, the wind was drizzly, the wind blew maple leaves and fell into the stream, drifting away from each other and away from the sky.. Have you ever felt a little reluctant to leave, the hometown of the setting sun, smiling and whispering that the letter was not sent?. Hikimayu Exhibition of Elegant Heart Traces, Like Peony Fragrance. In the coming rain, a wisp of flower flotsam floats in the sky in spring in bright and beautiful. Regardless of the peach blossom and pear flying, let your heart fly, and show your heart to fly like Spring bird.. One word, one song, one Fermentation starter, sunny rain, beautiful flowers, smoke and water.





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