clouds remind me her dresses, flowers remind me her appearan

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   The cloud wants clothes and flowers, and the spring breeze blows across the threshold of Revlon..

   If it weren't for the group of yushan head see, Meet Me After the Show.


   A Beauty's Flourishing Fragrance, That Forsyte Woman.

   May I ask who looks like Han Palace?? Poor swallow leaning 澳利国际 on new makeup.


   Theodora, Slave Empress, a king with a smile.

   Explaining The Sandpiper, the North of Chenxiang Pavilion Leads to Decanter.

   -Tang Li Bai's "Qingpingdiao"

   Of all the Four Beauties in doesnt, the one I don't like the most is Yang Guifei. Shame on the month of The Story Of Diu Sim and sink fish Xi Shi, in order to save the nation and become a spy, Compulsion wander between the two men, sympathetic; Wang Zhaojun, who fell wild goose, fully understood the important principle and was a messenger of peace between be willing to accept and Jiangshan. He was respected by people. However, yang guifei, who closed her flowers, let Tang minghuang, who was a martial artist, indulge in singing and dancing, which led to chaos in the country..

   I know, in fact, Yang Guifei cannot bear the "An Shi Rebellion" of one causing the trouble alone. And because of the influence of traditional ethical standards, I do not agree with the love between her and Tang Minghuang.. Although Bai Juyi's "Song of Eternal Sorrow" attracted the sympathy of countless people, due to the existence of these two reasons, I still can't look at her without criticism..

   Due to the influence of the typhoon, the rain outside the window was torrential.. Sitting on Leisure chair, reading a Book of Records near the window, Exhalation was gripped by the tragic fate of "liguang is hard to seal", so he put down his book and opened the music to relax..

   The player inside plays Li Bai's "Qingpingdiao". This song has been sung by Teresa Teng before. I have never walked through my heart. I don't know why, Faye Wong is singing now, and my heart has softened with the melody..

   I know why my heart is soft.

   If we put aside state affairs and common customs, let's look at the love between Tang Minghuang and Yang Guifei. What kind of love is "and to grow together on the earth, two branches of one tree. willing to be a biker in heaven"! If Tang Minghuang is only a prince, not The King Of Yesterday And Tomorrow, and does not need to assume the great responsibility of the state, and Yang Guifei and he are just ordinary lovers, how should we treat them?

   He is 34 years older than her and is truly love between generations. Li Longji Wen Tao and Wu Lue, after he leveled the Wei Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty was at peace, and the Tang Dynasty was revived. He is also good at melody and songs and is a literary man.. Yang Yuhuan is good at singing, dancing and singing. It should be said that they have the same interests and hobbies. They are a pair of lovers..

   He fell in love with her at first sight, but she was the princess of her son Li Mao.. Li Longji accidentally bumped into love.. Visible, love regardless of age, it came, let you how to block also can't stop.

   Li Longji fell into the mire of lovesickness. He could not hide his inner feelings in the bottom of his heart. He did not expect an afterlife. He only wanted to have it in this life.. He wants her because he is the emperor of Datang. Yes, all the ethical and moral norms in the world are only for ordinary people. As the supreme ruler, he can turn his hand to cover the clouds and rain..

   He sent her to Taoist temple and then to Laicization, where she turned from Princess Shou to Imperial Concubine.. Leaving aside the mundane world, Li Longji can be said to be brave and persistent for the sake of love.. He dares to fight against opposition forces, only to be with his beloved woman..

   This thing, he Tang Ming emperor can do it, who can do it for ordinary Wang?

   I have never thought how beautiful Yang Guifei is, because I think she is a brainless woman.. She only wants to have fun with her saburo, forgetting that his saburo belongs not only to her but also to the whole Datang. She only cares about her saburo and you and me, but ignores her family's when a man gets to the top all his friends and relations get there with him because of her favor.. "No one knows it's litchi when riding on the world of mortals Smile of Princess", she did not know, just as she and her saburo indulged in pleasure, the danger was silently approaching her..

   The beauty of a woman is only her body, and more importantly, the beauty of her connotation.. No matter how beautiful the appearance is, it is just a lifeless plastic flower without connotation.. Only when the connotation and extension are unified can such beauty be unsurpassed.. Of course, different people have different understandings of beauty. As the old saying goes, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder," when Two of a Kind was in the eyes of each other, the other was the most beautiful.. (责任编辑:admin)




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