To give their loved ones a sense of security

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   What Is Life?? I think life is a walking animal that lives in the world with body and mind..

   You can't deny that animals have no language, but you can't understand it, just as you can't understand foreigners.. Therefore, as long as it is the life walking in the Man and the Wild of a thousand worlds, there will be the caring you love most in your heart, and your favorite will be safe and protected..

   People born in the 1950s will remember that the COMmunist Party liberated the Chinese people from the dark old society. The country is in a state of poverty and destitution. The income of each family's main labor force cannot guarantee the important task of supporting the family.. Therefore, in order to ensure that their children have food to eat and clothes to cover their bodies, mothers are selling blood to make a living..

   I remember that I just went to primary school, and it was also a winter morning when the Chinese New Year was approaching. I looked at my naked body when I was growing up. I looked at my envious eyes when I ran straight at the children next door. My mother went out quietly..

   I watched my sister, who was still sitting in the baby chair, amused. My elder brother, 7 years older than me, was cooking our Chinese food on the stove with a small square stool.. The moment my mother opened the door and pushed in, I saw her face pale, holding the door handle weakly and smiling at us. "Come and see, I'll buy you new clothes for the New Year.". "sensible brother immediately in the past to hold the mother, my sister and I just curious to see mother magic from very old cloth, took out the size of three jackets.

   I rushed over to pick out a pink corduroy jacket and tried it on immediately. It was just the right size.. The mother said gently, "Take it off quickly and wait until the 30th of the year. In this way, there will be new clothes for the New Year.". "

   When I took off my new clothes, I heard my brother blaming my mother, saying that she shouldn't have sold blood only a short time ago and then sold blood again. What if she broke her body?? I looked at my mother and her gentle eyes showed fortitude. She said to us, "Don't be mistaken. Your father's salary in WISCO is not high. I have to ensure that while you are in good health, you won't let other children have new clothes to wear for the New Year.". "

   It was the scene of that moment, fixed in my mind, that lingered on all the time.. Because from that day on, I just knew that my mother used the money she often sold blood to keep us from eating and to give us decent clothes to go out..

   When I got married and gave birth to my daughter, I thought about my mother's responsibility and the hardships she had to pay to protect her children's physical 澳利国际 and mental health. I made a dark decision that I must be like my mother to give the people I love the most a sense of security..

   Looking back on that year, I had a healthy and safe environment for my daughter. I left my ex-husband who might lead us to the disaster of Bad Blood without hesitation. Because of his bad behavior, he was contaminated by a married woman who was in prison. I was afraid that the man would harm our mother and daughter after he got out of prison. Therefore, I left the a place where one is apt to get into trouble at the cost of giving up all the common property and the raising expenses of my daughter, including my dowry, holding the little hand of my 9-year-old daughter and running away..

   Now that I think about it, everything is worth it.. Although it is very hard for me to raise my daughter by myself, what price is not worth to give the person I love the most a sense of security, let my daughter grow up healthily, happily and happily, and let her life not wither in the harsh environment??

   New year is coming soon. My family, where I have remarried for 10 years, is a haven for my daughter to take shelter from the wind.. Because, where there is a mother, it will be a safe place.. There is a mother, how old the child is, still a child in front of the mother, still can play the woman in front of the mother, bullying, unreasonable, mother can still give their favorite security, this is the source of happiness, the birthplace of love. MeiWen.Com. Cn

   In fact, being a parent is the hardest job in the world. In order to protect their children, even if they are bruised, they must work hard and be strong..

   Parents have provided you with such long-term love and security. Now, it's your turn.. Children, grow up quickly! When your parents are old, you should also give their favorite ones a sense of security.. Love is the warmest, warmest and safest emotion in the world.!

   Author: Blue Dream





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