A leaf of red dust, half a chapter of years

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   A leaf of red dust, half a chapter of years

   A leaf of red dust, half a chapter of years

   Wen/Waning moon

   If time does not take away a trace of time in its flow, 澳利国际 what a beautiful thing it has left behind..

   The sky was drizzling with light rain, and the line of sight looked out of the window into the dim distance. The lonely world was abandoned on both sides of the story, leaving the ground helpless..

   Some people say that this is what life is like. When flowers bloom and fall and spring goes to Qiu Lai, everything in the world is running according to a certain rule. No one can escape. Life is a journey full of frustrations..

   We walked along the road, counting the past scenery, and suddenly it was time to say goodbye again in the year.. Suddenly forget, how many figure, gradually attributed to insipid dream. When memory crosses your heart and takes away your sentimental self, how much can you keep? The prosperous road is not short of the birth of stories, only the old friends who have less experience..

   Perhaps, such feelings are inevitable on the way to growth. No matter in a certain period or in a certain segment, they can always cause soft places in your heart. After all, they are all the time when you grow old together with the years. Why don't you love them?.

   Don't say how many regrets have been stranded in dreams, waiting for the day when they are picked up.. Only the years have suddenly changed their appearance, turning all regrets into forgetfulness. The memory is deeply embedded in them, but they can never find themselves back..

   This is the price of growing up. You have no choice but to have some even ridiculous persistence. No one will lead the way for you. The years are hanging on the wall and are filled with your own worries..

   A leaf of the world of mortals, chi off half a lifetime. How many memories of the balcony, worried about sentimental rain. Long corridor ten inside, fell on the steps of the light shallow, gently broken whose thoughts. When the lead was washed away and the years pushed the window sill of yesterday away, I finally returned to the story of inside. Please forgive my helplessness, but I can't find it again..

   Recently, I like to listen to some old songs more and more. Maybe I am a little old. I like to run to World of another if I have something to do. I want to look for some traces of years ago. I don't want to be found even if I miss them quietly..

   Fortunately, once I was not lazy, at least I left some traces that can be remembered vaguely.. May be expected many years later today, so early left some clues to recall, this is probably the so-called save for a rainy day, I can't help but laugh at myself.

   In fact, I am not afraid of forgetting. I am just a little lost.. On the way to life, how many experiences have turned into memories. When the dream is awakened and the direction of memory is broken, you still have a few minutes of story integrity left. It is not terrible to lose, but terrible to lose..

   I suddenly remembered a song, there is such a sentence, time is only responsible for the flow, is not responsible for accompany you to grow up. I think, this is probably what life needs us to learn, just like words, records have always been.

   If There are love, please let the years take me away. I don't want to be in inside, a world of one person. Even if it comes to an end, it will not be tomorrow..

   On my way here, I couldn't find the way back..

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