Girls who Store High-heeled Shoes

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   There is a girl who is not short but likes high heels. She seldom wears high heels as friends, but she always buys them one by one..

   Since when did I fall in love with high heels? About in high school. I have read a biography of Ye Ying, a vice president and chairman of Greater China. One of her words deeply influenced me. "Women, 100 pairs of high heels and 100 skirts". Since then, high heels have been a magic to me..

   My life is very fond of flat shoes, all of which are sneakers, occasionally with a few pairs of pedals.. But my locker, inside, is full of high heels.. I like it but never wear it out. I only like to dress up and show myself when I am in a good mood or on a whim..

   Girls who like high heels should be regarded as not confident enough in themselves. We need a pair of good high heels to improve their temperament so that they can be found at a glance in the crowd.. In fact, I have thought about those stupid women before! Why wear such troublesome high heels to torture yourself? Whether shopping or working, wearing a pair of high heels is a physical activity.. In fact, the people around you pass you by, why do you torture yourself so often without being noticed by others??

   I think that only if I find a boyfriend of 1.9 meters, maybe I will torture myself. In order to fit his height, I wear high-heeled shoes all day long.. Of course, thanks to high heels. I once heard a friend of mine say that she found a boyfriend of 1.9 meters, but she was only 1.5 meters tall. She really had to wear high heels to complete a series of hugs and kisses..

   My deep affection for high heels came from a speech contest. On that day, I wanted a dress with high-heeled canvas shoes. Later, my friend said that there was always something missing.? Yes, height! It was you who stood there immediately with another kind of temperament. It was the lack of a pair of high-heeled shoes. He made you look tall and straight, with a rising temperament.. I happily took out my favorite pair of high-heeled shoes. When I stepped onto the platform, or when I put on high-heeled shoes, I felt different again.. High heels give you a magic power to grow confidence on the stage.. It makes me look energetic or it gives me 澳利国际 spirit..

   In fact, high heels are like our life.. The higher the high-heeled shoes a girl wears, the wider her field of vision is. It is meaningless to measure her life with high-heeled shoes. However, a A woman for a lifetime must have several pairs of high-heeled shoes. The heels range from high to low. It means our life experience, and it shows that we have gone from low to high..

   I do not encourage the pursuit of brands, because everyone knows that a good pair of shoes or a good dress is not measured by price, just as we know a person is not measured by appearance, but more importantly by quality.. Only when it is suitable for one's own will one like it and will one really play its role..

   I don't know why, this may be a purely personal hobby.. Store a pair of high heels to add a touch of beauty to yourself.!

   Author: Bright and Bright





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