If you are safe and sound, I will put down my missing.

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   Look, Moods of Love Night Before Court

   Listen, lingering love rain outside the window

   Read, the heart sea is holding you in all kinds of affection.

   Write, the world of mortals infatuation pieces of language

   May this love be scattered to the end of the world with the wind.

   If, Sunny (2008 film) safe and sound

   I put down my yearning for the world


   The red dust smile under your charming eyes is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen in my life.. You took French leave in a hurry, so I can't find any excuses to retain.. Every lonely rainy night, the falling rain dripping wet my heart, the wind outside the window brings bitter thoughts, I want to hug a wisp of lovesickness into a dream, but Dream to Awakening has exchanged a myriad of thoughts about you.. The lingering has aroused the lovesickness, the loneliness has fallen in love with the sentiment thought, is thinking about in the heart gentle you, all the time, day and night, the filar silk misses the dream inside, the piece sentiment thought outside the dream, in the dream outside the dream, is the untold missing, the way endless sorrow.

   I thought the memory had flowed with the long river of time. I thought I had moved you from memory inside. I thought I had forgotten you from time inside. However, in every lonely night, the wind outside the window caressed my lovesickness once again and revealed my sadness..

   If time can go back, if love can repeat itself, I am willing to make myself more involved in the play.. Because of you, I am willing to be a supporting role as long as it can foil you. Because of you, I am willing to be an audience, even if I just look at you quietly and appreciate your beauty. Because of you, I am willing to be a passer-by in your life. Then, I will earnestly, diligently, and use the best years of my life to perform it well, even if it is only a moment of good memory..

   Love at first sight wins and loses in time.. Struggling alone on the edge of missing, wandering alone at the end of caring, this life, it seems that we are destined to have a distance. Love is so beautiful, but it can only become our Recall. We agreed not to abandon it. We have not found any trace of the past for a long time..

   Is there a place where you can have a familiar feeling?? Is there a day that reminds you of someone special?? Is there another song that makes you feel like you are singing your own story?? Time has long left me unable to remember the antecedents, but memories have left me unable to forget the consequences.. The wind of the years has blown down the leaves of memory, but it can't take away the beauty we once had. I think this is probably fate's last favor to me..

   You once said that when you are weak, you can pretend to be strong. When you are afraid, you can pretend to be brave. When you are sad, you can fake a smile. In times of pain, you can pretend to be happy. But there is only one thing you cannot disguise, and you cannot learn to disguise, that is when you like me..

   Time is so beautiful, time is so beautiful, and now it is a luxury to think of you.. I think I am lucky, otherwise how can I meet you warm. I think I am sad, otherwise how can I lose you. I think I am stupid, otherwise how can you let go of your hand easily and let you become the brilliant memory of prosperous fleeting inside. Perhaps it is very difficult to love each other. What kind of luck is it to meet someone you love among thousands of people?. Perhaps it is not difficult not to love, but it happened that I met you in my life and could never forget it again..

   It turns out that life can't be played back again. When you want to go back and see what happened, time is no longer allowed.. It turns out that love cannot be repeated. When you want to return to the past and cherish someone, time will not compromise with you..

   Life has told me more than once that not every story begins with tenderness, nor does every story end with success, but it must be a happy and warm thing to experience this story.. And this life, I can meet you, is a willing adventure.

   If time is destined to be like this, then you and I don't have to talk about separation.. Time flies away. Time will not hold you back. You never know who you will meet at the next 澳利国际 stop. But before that, please take good care of yourself and try to be a better person. Only in this way can you meet the right person in your life..

   A splendid flower affair, a beautiful encounter, thank you for being gentle all my years.. Once I had too many pursuits for love, now I have no choice but to hope that you can be safe and sound in the distance, so I will lay down my love and wander in the world from now on..

   Wen/Ya Yu Lun





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