The story of a seed

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   Once upon a time, yes, that is, a long time ago, there was a magic school, all of which was normal, but the people inside were very old-fashioned, and the president of the school was old-fashioned, so the children of the whole school were also very old-fashioned..

   In the magic forest to the south, there is a group of students. Don't think they are lazy, although today is Friday.. They are studying botany, and a teacher is explaining it to them.. The children all looked at him with big bright eyes. He was a very gentle man. His blue eyes were like the deep sea, and his long silver hair was like Lancelot's knight. But what he said had its drawbacks.. "Teacher plants have life? ""no, they are just the materials we use, that's all.. "Every child has been instilled with the so-called knowledge of this college. Their simple eyes have become dim. What beautiful eyes they were!

   In addition to the last child, his eyes will never dim, just like stars in the universe, like sapphire, and calm and deep like the sea, but his eyes are not gathered, he can't see. Plants have life, he knows, because only one girl accompanies her every day, and the girl is a flower essence, he knows. All he could feel was the last flower on his mother's dying chest.. From then on, he used his whole heart to treat her. When it rained, he held her in his hand, not to let the rain disturb her petals. He loved her even more than his own 安信娱乐 life.. In this world, only he can see her and only she can hear his heartbeat.

   At this point, she is her hands rested on her hips, glared at a group of people below from a height, "flowers are alive. "He heard her anger shout. Who also inadvertently, the same deep, such as sapphire eyes, glanced at the tree, and the girl in the tree. "I know, son, you may never know, I also lost the light forever, as a father I never thought, you also repeat the mistake. "

   The magician held a The Red Seed in his hand. It was as red as blood. He put it into the boy's hand. "Take it, use a bigger flowerpot, it will make big flowers.". "Treat your mother well, she also paid attention to beauty.

   The young man looked at the seed and held it tightly. Tears ran down his face without trace..

   A few years later-

   "Mom, look at that beautiful flower. "Yes, what a beautiful flower, a red apple flower like blood.





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