After Reading the Evening Drum and Morning Bell, 200 Words

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   After Reading "Twilight Drum and Morning Bell" 200 Words

   Tension alternating with relaxation; Those who are in charge of the government should help each other with leniency and ferocity..

   The most important thing in the world is balance.. Heaven and earth and all things are born. Interpersonal harmony brings peace..

   Dragon is a thing of the world. It can be large and small, deep and remote, bright, short and long, flexible and extensible. If you want to go up, you will reach lingyun. If you want to sink, you will reach Fuquan. Changes are endless and unpredictable..

   He who is a king should not take advantage of one's achievements, but let the world benefit from them. Don't let the world release the harm of one already done. If so, why not suffer from peace!


   The same book, falling into different eyes, has different feelings..

   Those who are inclined to love each other see that their children love each other very much.

   Those who attach importance to literature weigh between the lines of inside.

   Those who listen to stories are entangled in the logic of brushwork.

   Those who think about the world should adopt the way of dealing with people and things.

   After Reading "Twilight Drum and Morning Bell" 200 Words

   What is lacking in the United States is that it is too dramatic and has a powerful and unconstrained style, and the description of the queen is also lacking. Is she really so perfect? At the same time, can Ice Moon really not call back Xiao Zhuang's heart? Don't Kangxi marry without any political factors? Can Imperial Concubine Yue really do Love Exchange? Vigour of strokes in calligraphy or drawing is very good, but the sentence is not beautiful enough. Unlike other historical novels, it has a kind of firm strength. However, it can give people a kind of gentle beauty. It not only involves history, but also has the most poignant love foil. It is as beautiful as green leaves and red flowers without any affectation. In contrast, other historical novels, it is not the best, but it has a different taste in my heart and gives people a refreshing feeling.. If I were asked to choose a version to evaluate Emperor Kangxi of Achiever, a generation of great achievements, I would still like this version, because it contains more emotions than any other version. People can see a monarch, but also a spoony man, a filial grandson and a tender husband..

   After Reading "Twilight Drum and Morning Bell" 200 Words

   Although I don't know what proportion of historical novels are really historical elements, it is really a good-looking novel.. Kangxi is a rare good emperor in history. It has been shown since he was a child. His famous name is SHEN WOO. He is calm and flexible. It is hard to imagine that all these qualities can be possessed by a 13-year-old child..

   The book is roughly divided into two lines, one is Kangxi's own emotion, the other is a major event in the society of the DPRK.. The courtiers in the court are loyal to Sodomy, the Chinese and foreign calendars are right and wrong, and the throne of love is light and heavy. Little Kangxi faced too many problems, but he was able to solve them one by one in an orderly way. In the end, the love with Icemoon can only make people sigh with regret. The emperor also has many helpless things. The emperor 安信娱乐注册 also has things that he cannot have. In the book inside, the emperor is not a god out of touch with the world, but a man full of feelings..

   Young Kangxi cannot but be admired.





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