Communication Makes Love Better

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   Communication is needed all the time in our life. Communication is the link between people. Especially for a family, misunderstanding and quarrel may occur in different degrees if communication is not good. For couples, maintaining and managing the intimate relationship between each other is the key to harmonious coexistence. However, the difference in understanding the degree of intimacy between men and women will bring freshness and impact to marriage life..

   There is a passage in the Art of Communication: "The difference in intimacy between women and men can help us understand some pressures and misunderstandings caused by gender.". For example, if a woman thinks that the disclosure of each other's emotions is sufficient to represent emotional intimacy, she will ignore "the efforts of men who are" not good at expressing "to express care by helping and spending time together.. "In fact, it is true. I often hope my husband can talk to me more. Although I don't know what to say sometimes, I still regard this way as a way to establish close relationships. However, he doesn't think so. He thinks that daily company is to express his love and care for me, and company needs no words but is better than words.. It can be seen that there are differences in thinking and understanding between men and women. On the one hand, these differences come from the differences in the attributes of men and women themselves, and on the other hand, they also come from the influence of family of origin..

   "Most people have learned the language of love from their own family of origin inside. Then, from a very early age, we have to a certain extent printed out how to give and receive emotions.. "This is a reality that cannot be changed. Therefore, after a new family is formed, there will be another layer of difficulty in communication between husband and wife, that is, understanding and accepting the influence brought by each other's family of origin.. This kind of influence can reduce the generation of estrangement by expressing emotions. As for how to express love, the book introduces five languages of love, namely affirmative language, 安信娱乐注册 quality time, gifts, service behavior and physical contact..

   In addition, the words of love are only a form of communication. After all, sometimes, some words are difficult to speak face to face, and they are embarrassed or do not know how to speak.. There are not many surprises in words, but they become more powerful in written form.. Remember, I just gave birth to a good child, and seven days later I opened WeChat and received a message from my husband. I was in tears instantly.. Although it is only a few words of thanks, it may be slightly embarrassing to say it in person.. The expression of information not only surprises me greatly, but also makes me deeply feel the message my husband wants to convey..

   In the past, I always thought that communication was the exchange of emotions. Now it seems that it is too one-sided. Communication is the collision of emotions and the interaction of inner thoughts. It is not only the way of mouth that is communication.. There are many ways of communication, especially in expressing emotions. "The degree of developing intimate relationships without receiving channels is much faster than face-to-face communication. Besides, social media communication methods such as SMS, blog and Facebook can also strengthen the expression of words, emotions and social intimacy in interpersonal relationships.. "

   What I have said above is only the thoughts and thoughts of the new chapter in the "Art of Communication". As stated in the preface of the book, the book meets the needs of various readers, including university teachers, students, business executives, communication trainers, family members and the general public.. On the communication level, each chapter will bring readers many good answers, suitable for reading slowly..





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