Raise your head (800 words)

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   "Lift Your Head"

   If you are not optimistic enough, lift your head as much as possible, which will definitely benefit you a lot..


   I used to walk on the road with my head down. I don't know why, but I just used to it. I want to get used to the fact that inside is mixed with some reasons for not being confident, because the result is not very piled high above the brim, although it is not too bad. I don't think I have any special highlights, and some places will only be looked down upon by others.. At that time, I saw people of the same age as me, but they all had excellent results and achieved both. I felt very inferior, so my head was always low and I did not dare to look up, although I was not ugly enough to be seen.. As a result, I became accustomed to bow, it seems that bow has become my sign.

   Once upon a time, I couldn't bear to see my head always lowered. I didn't want to lift it suddenly once, but all failed.. At this time, after countless efforts, my results still did not rise. I was disappointed. Perhaps I am naturally 安信娱乐注册 timid and have no perseverance. I wanted to raise my head, but I could not even raise it.. I'm depressed again, and I'm even less talkative than before.. I think more deeply than before that I have no talent than anyone else, and it is impossible to do a successful thing, even if I use up all my efforts.. Instead of using up all the strength to reach the desired goal, it is better to stop there, so as to save so much trouble that it will be empty in the end and only gain your disappointment..

   But until the evening of that day, I saw a girl who seemed to be blind, but she did what she could, falling down and getting up again, her face still shining like peach blossom.. Although this is a small moment, it has shocked my heart which has been blind for a long time and inferiority complex for a long time.. Yes, a disabled person can be so optimistic and have such a strong will. why can't you? although you have never exceeded the talents of ordinary people, it is because you haven't exercised and the natural defects are not terrible. what is terrible is that the heart of a person is silent. work hard and there will be a return after all. even if there is no return, you have a clear conscience. at least you have experienced the hardships and joy of the process. why care about the results?? So I inspired myself again and again in my heart..

   Finally, Everything comes to him who waits., I can finally lift my head with ease, at every moment. Didn't expect my results, my talent also unconsciously become extraordinary. I raised my head, I was very sunny. I raised my head. I was excellent. I raised my head, originally I am very confident. It turns out that if you want to be optimistic and outstanding, just try to raise your head.!

   Comments by famous teachers:

   This argumentative essay has a clear point of view: "If you are not optimistic enough, lift your head as much as possible, which will definitely benefit you.". The author demonstrates from many angles, and the reasoning is clear and powerful.. The central topic of the discussion is particularly prominent, which shows the author's solid writing skills..





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