Positive sentences of positive energy

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   Positive sentences of positive energy

   We are the makers of our own destiny, the masters and executors of our own actions, and the victims of our own actions..

   Do all good things to seize the opportunity, but also to grasp the karma; It's too late to do it when karma dies!

   Everyone is a mirror of his own behavior.! Look at the advantages of others and push yourself. Look at the short COMings of others and reflect on yourself..

   Rich people decorate their houses beautifully. Virtuous people cultivate themselves well physically and mentally..

   Misunderstanding others, the first is reflection; Being misunderstood by others, the first is tolerance..

   Reading all good books is talking to many noble people..

   Books of the mind (real classics) are the keys to wisdom..

   To forgive others is to be kind to oneself, to criticize others is to mistreat oneself..

   Selfishness and impatience are the Achilles' heel of acting as human beings..

   A wise man's mouth is hidden in his heart, but a foolish man's heart is in his mouth.. If anyone wants help in times of hardship, he should treat others with leniency on weekdays.. When we blame others, are we not also tolerating ourselves indirectly?. The noblest? Revenge? Is to forgive each other.

   Forgiveness is learning to let go and not allow resentment to control your life..

   Efforts may not necessarily lead to success, but success requires efforts..

   There are no so-called small things in the world. The universe is made up of "small things" connected by rings.. External beauty can win praise, but it must be supported by internal beauty..

   Work is the value of life, the joy of life and the place of happiness.. Every repeated temper is a habit. The longer the temper is, the more mature the action will be until you have no difficulty controlling it..

   What should be done today has not been done, and it will be delayed again early tomorrow.. Hatred is the madness of the soul and the growth of evil..

   Anger is the most obvious weakness in character..

   Love can tolerate, without love waste life; The world of love, inside, is quiet and peaceful..

   "Endure" is a manifestation of courage to take responsibility for dedication. People with "wisdom" will endure, while people with "wisdom" will endure..

   Hate is an arrow that will eventually shoot itself.. Fame' is only you in the eyes of others. Character is the real you. Harmony is a magnanimity to ac COMmodate people, an equal treatment and a respect for words and deeds.. Tolerating your friends does not mean that you have a large number of them. To understand your enemy correctly is to reach the true meaning of "tolerance".

   Beauty does not appear in one's own mirror, inside, but in the eyes of others, inside.. Inside can find knowledge in books, but cannot find "wisdom and truth", because wisdom and truth can only be experienced by oneself..

   If you can be satisfied and have a wealth of inner beauty, you still have a treasure even though you have no possessions..

   There is an important principle of happiness in life, that is, never compare with others or dispute with others..

   If you don't complain, you are responsible for your actions..

   If you want to live a happy and happy life, you should start from understanding yourself and caring for others..

   What you like is not necessarily good. What you don't like is not necessarily bad.. In life, sometimes one must sacrifice one's own preferences, turn one's interests into responsibilities, and do things that benefit the public..

   Learn more and take a step back in doing things..

   Compassionate people have only forgiveness, only hope and only joy in their words.. Compassion will naturally create a positive atmosphere, resulting in peace and satisfaction.. As long as there is a compassionate person, there will be a happy atmosphere, even dogs and birds are easy to get close to that person..

   Don't care how much applause others give yourself, give yourself some applause first! Pride and complacency are a terrible trap for us. Moreover, this trap was dug by ourselves..

   We can't jump as high as a ball as soon as we get a result. other people can't beat it. just tap it lightly. The greater the achievement, the more modest and prudent it is..

   Head high, head high, head high, head high, head high, head high. All well-bred people have one commandment: don't lose your temper..

   The purpose and function of etiquette is to make the original stubborn become soft, make people's temperament become gentle, make him respect others, and get along with others.

   Be careful, even when you are alone, don't speak ill of or do bad things, but learn to be more aboveboard in front of your own heart than in front of others.. (责任编辑:admin)




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