If one's heart stays in the distance, one's love will go.

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  [frontier fortress nocturne]

   Lonely Gobi


   There is no fragrance of green tea.

   Noisy Fermentation starter

   Only the rapid flying sand

   Rare seasonal rain

   But I love it very much

   It once printed the footprints of my dreams

   Cherish memories

   The cool breeze entered the account that night.

   Sending the distant leisurely flute

   Her lonely melody

   As if to tell emotionally

   The vast Gobi desert is desolate and beautiful .

  [Smoke and Rain in Jiangnan]

   The wind never sleeps.

   The rain has not stopped.

   Smoke cloud mist cage Jiang Rou

   Ye Cuishan said nothing but show

   Reflect water leisurely

   Alone boat ripples with the current.

   Happy and quiet like a climbing building.

   Raise one's glass to drink

   Cherish looking back

   The dragonfly passed by a little.

   Zhu Yu swims in all directions

   I hope to stay here

   I'd like to stay here for a long time.

   The language of the tower

   The harbor at night

   The sailors slept peacefully.

   Fireflies flied lightly in the air.

   But can't shout out 安信娱乐注册 the ideal of the bottom of my heart

   Don't inferiority that faint light

   Already a force is thriving

   Lighthouses are not used to look up

   It only wants to give Strayed (2003 film) directions.

   Which is not frivolous when a teenager goes to sea?

   After all, I will experience the wind and frost on the captain's face.

   Brave sailing can break the waves.

   Cowardice can only leave life on the sand.

   The moonlight will fall asleep quietly tonight.

   Welcome the morning sun tomorrow .

  [Li Sao in Qianqiu's Speech]-Visit to Miluo River

   The Luojiang River in midsummer is especially worried and soft.

   Chuci Ripples in My Heart

   Who is waiting for vanilla on the bank?

   He was the only one who was sad and beautiful in the spring and autumn.

  Do you know the amorous ink guest

   The surging river flows to the east without sleep.

   Even if playing the piano and sitting alone in a secluded spot

   The wind is also difficult to follow the turbidity current, bitter sailing

   Don't ask the world play governors

   Light News of Taoyuan Cowherd

   Talented Melody Dances Yi Sleeve

   The sparkling inside reflected the tenderness of the blushing flowers.

   Please trace me back to the merciless years.

   Accompany you to drink the heart sorrow that has passed through thousands of years.


   The Color of Life Where Have You Been?

   Is my wandering

   Lost you in the forest at night

   Or did you abandon me

   Into that gorgeous nebula

   I've been searching hard.

   Time ended at dawn .





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