The story of the wolf coming

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   Once upon a time, there was a sheep herder who went to the mountain to herd sheep every day..

   One day, he felt very bored and came up with an idea to make fun of everyone.. He shouted to the farmers who were planting fields at the foot of the mountain, "the wolf is coming."! Cry Wolf! Help!! "

   Hearing the shouts, the farmers rushed to the mountain with hoes and sickles. As they ran, they shouted, "Don't be afraid, son, let's help you beat Monsterwolf."! "

   The farmers rushed to the mountain panting, and there was not even a 安信娱乐 wolf in sight.! The sheep herder burst out laughing: "It's really interesting. You've been taken in."! "The farmers left angrily.

   The next day, Stock Trick, the shepherd boy, repeated himself. The kind farmers rushed up to help him beat the wolf, but they still did not see the wolf's shadow..

   The goat herder laughed till he couldn't stand up: "ha ha! You've been fooled again.! Ha-ha! "

   Everyone was very angry with shepherd boy flour for lying again and again and never believed him again..

   After a few days, the wolf really came and broke into the sheep at once.. The shepherd boy was so scared that he shouted desperately to the farmers, "The wolf is coming."! Cry Wolf! Help!! The wolf has really come! "

   The farmers heard his cry and thought he was lying again. Everyone ignored him and no one helped him. As a result, many of the sheep herders were killed by wolves..

   Lying is a kind of bad behavior, it does not respect others and will also lose others' trust in themselves.. We should cultivate the good quality of treating people sincerely..





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