After returning to the temple for lunch, it was already arou

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   On the way back, I felt reluctant to go back to fan cliff and kept looking back. This is also the most beautiful time for fan cliff.

   The sun has just shot through the back of the mountain, and there is a little shadow in front of it, which makes the sector a greenish-blue color and a faint blue smoke that fills the air around the sector.

   The mountain, elaine, is independent and has no resources. It goes further. Sometimes it is occupied by other mountain peaks and sometimes it appears occasionally. It is really "a fan, but the whole city is colorless". It makes other mountain peaks look vulgar and evil..

   The farther you go, the darker the blue color appears and the more ethereal the pulse of smoke appears.. It is said that this is probably the reason why there are so many grasshoppers in the grass on both sides of the road. Their voices are as loud and pleasing as loud and clear..

   A child wanted to catch grasshoppers but was stopped by an old mother.. The old mother dressed neatly and clean, hands holding incense, and murmured, appear very devout appearance, this is probably the child's grandmother, she seemed to sing Buddha's name, said to the grandchildren:. Don't catch it, grasshopper is the mount of mountain god, with bridle and saddle. I was very surprised and said to Zhao, isn't this a very good haiku?.

   Zhao said it is not bad, grasshopper looks really like with saddle bridle. After crossing the longevity bridge, the path that can only accommodate feet has turned into a small river channel.. It turned out that yesterday's heavy rain and the flowing water in the stone crevice spilled here today. Although it was difficult to walk, it was also interesting..

   Very easy to walk to the village with Lin yin road, we took another rest, got out of the village, and went to the side of the torrent to fetch water and drink.. As I approached Zhongtianmen, it was already evening. I was completely ungrateful for walking wearily. Zhao remembered carefully. When I got to that place, she insisted that I should fulfill my promise. So in The Gathering Dusk, I went to climb the mountain again and got three kinds of results: baby, one kind is yellow flower like small money, which is not a rare thing at the end, the other two are really lovely: one is purple bell-shaped flower, which we call purple jade bell, and the other is white bell-shaped flower.

   Back at home, Zhao flour inserted the mountain flower in a bottle of inside. flour said to himself, "I have finally found the treasure.". I said, this is really a treasure, jade bell silver bell jingling. Zhao Wen; How. I said: The dream rang tonight. August 15, 1936, Taishan Zhongtianmen. Li Guangtian (1906-1968) is a modern essayist, poet and professor.. No. Xi cen used pseudonyms Li di and Xi Chen, etc.

   Shandong zouping people. He graduated from Peking University in 1935 and taught in secondary schools and universities in Jinan, Kunming, Tianjin and Beijing successively.. During this period, works such as Han Yuan Ji, Shrub Ji, Creation Theory and the novel Gravity were published.. After 1949, he served as director and deputy dean of Chinese Department of Tsinghua University, responsible for editing Wen Yiduo anthology and Zhu Ziqing anthology and writing preface. He has published "Literature and Art Brief" and "Westward Ho", a collection of essays.. In 1952, he was 安信娱乐注册 transferred to the vice-president of Yunnan University and later became the vice-president of Kunming Writers Association. Published "prose 30"? Since 1962, he has devoted himself to the collation and research of minority literature and published long poems "Ashi? and" Line Show ".

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