Free and easy? Why??

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   A friend asked me: Why do people always learn not freely in pain??

   I answered him: No one 安信娱乐 in this world can be completely divorced from emotion. Suffering is the necessity for everyone to survive. But as for whether someone can freely bear the pain, then I don't know, anyway, I still can't do it. Because, this is human nature. That is to say, it is not that a person will not be free and easy in the middle school of pain, but that a person cannot be free and easy in pain, otherwise, he will lose his long-term love. In other words, he is already ruthless. Therefore, I said, the reason why people are free and easy is that they are in free and easy Somewhere Between (TV series) and are not suffering..

   The friend nodded understandably and then asked: In this case, when will people be free and easy??

   I'll answer again: when we don't have strong emotions, we can try to be free and easy, and most of us can be free and easy at this time.. As for us, most of us cannot be free and easy when our emotions fluctuate strongly or when some kind of emotions are very strong.. The reason is just-our human emotional senses can only maintain a single emotion most of the time. Therefore, when our Paper Heart spirit is occupied by one kind of emotion, it is almost impossible for us to allow another kind of emotion to coexist with the existing emotion. Therefore, it is almost impossible for us to be free and easy at the same time when our emotions fluctuate strongly or when certain emotions are very strong..

   He once again asked me, "Then why do I see you so carefree most of the time?"?

   I answered: Because, I am bored most of the time! Because of boredom, I had to cool off!

   A joke. The reason why I can be free and easy in inside so much time is simply because-I have experienced so much desolation that I am indifferent to everything.. Although many people do not understand, many people do not know; But I did. I did experience it.! So, I have to free and easy! (责任编辑:admin)




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