The most poignant sentence

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   The most poignant sentence

   1. I forgot which year, which month, which day, I carved a face on the wall of flour-Zhang Wei smiled and looked at my face sadly..

   2. Please remember that those who love to laugh will tear their hearts to pieces more than anyone else once they cry.

   3, look at my tears, you really don't care.

   4. knowing that you have no me in your heart and will never be able to achieve what you want, you can't help but let you see the real me and hide the injured me..

   5, knowing that we can't, but dream inside still smiled happily to see you..

   6. Why do we always understand at the last moment that our love is long gone?.

   7, if time could stop at the moment when we first met, what is the sad autumn wind painting fan. It is easy to change, but it is easy to change.

   I have never provoked you, why do you want to provoke me? Since provoked, why give up halfway?

   9. How many days have I been thinking about you, and how many pages of diary inside have your name?. Since when has my heart been with you! Now, all I have paid for you, turn around and be COMe strangers.! How much affection, how much love, in this way, in one night, vanished, leaving no trace.

   10. My father helped me to set up the online banking, and when using it, he saw that the verification information was "daughter, work hard.".

   11. How many injuries are hidden in every 安信娱乐 Platform?

   12, smile to see you turn around and leave, then gently pull the corners of the mouth, a slap in the face.

   Memory is a bridge, but it is a prison leading to loneliness..

   14, lonely eyes silent, when will be bright found, hiding in Dark Corners I..

   15. There are only so many positions around a person and so many things you can give. In this narrow circle of inside, some people have to leave if they want to come in..

   16, my heart is not invulnerable, please leave me alone. (责任编辑:admin)




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