The most poignant sentence(2)

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   17, I use the inner repression, in exchange for a smile, stubborn, and yet unique.

   18. I never thought that I could love so humbly, and the humbly just rejoiced at your words..

   19, accustomed to, see through, understand, the heart is dead, tired, it's time to sleep.

   20. None of the people in inattentive have ever shed their hearts and lungs for someone..

   21. There is nothing I cannot forget. I will always forget you at a later time. First I will forget Away from Her, then I will forget your voice, and I will forget what you said. Not now, not later..

   22, if everything is a play, why should we play so lifelike.

   23, tears, silently on the face, line by line, just like the trace of time, want to go to stubborn forgotten again, write full of loneliness sad, open the dusty Exhalation for a long time.

   24. Maybe everyone has someone who can't forget for a moment, who will bite a tooth and refuse to let go even though love is humble..

   25, I will always remember, the twists and turns in your eyes, how long will it take to get the qualification of ordinary friends.

   26, please allow me a little pride, because I am alone.

   When hurting me, don't be too light. Be ruthless. I'm afraid of Never Forget You. I'm even more afraid that I won't die.

   28, life is like a dream, I always insomnia, Life Itself, I always laugh.

   29, your love, let me flustered.

   What we directed was just a clear play..

   31, a simple sentence disappeared, we are not even strangers.

   32. Legend has it that the memory of fish is only Seven Seconds. If that is the case, I would like to be a fish, remember you frequently and forget you again in a trance..

   33, your sentence I love you, said how many times, for how many people.

   34, happy, but is to give the wound to find an excuse to shed tears with a smile; Happiness, just want to let happiness have a reason to exist. (责任编辑:admin)




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